Monday, March 4, 2013


I have been so busy during the end of the month I have been wanting to write and have had no time whatsoever!  My weekend began with the unplanned visit by my two good friends, Ken and Laurie, who just married in June.  Laurie is my go to girl on my decorating, and also the woman who crochets and does wonderful crafts, beginning to end.  (My projects take years to complete!) They gave me a call on Friday and stopped by to bring me my new curtains for my problem windows in the dining room which have an inch of space on one side above the window and two inches or so on the other side of the window.

You may have heard me mention this dilemma in the past, and how frustrating it has been for me to have any more than the blinds provided by my landlord.  One day, while the three of us, (Ken, Laurie and myself) were visiting we had a discussion regarding said windows.  After leaving, Laurie went home and started designing what we had brainstormed!

The completed panels are beautifully crocheted with a nice pattern and beaded near the bottom for weight  so very pretty, delicate and functional!  We immediately pinned them up just to see how they would hang, and they are sweet!!!  Sweeter now that I have actually hung them with proper fasteners!  Before I began writing I tried to get a good picture to show you what they look like but it just doesn't do them justice with the light coming through even with the blinds closed, so I will have to try again later when it is less bright!

Friday evening was the first Friday in March, so after a visit with my "adopted daughter" Sunday, my youngest son ventured out for the First Friday Artwalk, which was his first one and we enjoyed many great new artists, along with a few old time favorites!

Saturday was not too bad either.  After a morning of running around doing errands, cooking and trying to re-arrange my living room again (still not right) -I got invited to dinner after my actual plans fell through with an acquaintance, and had a nice time having a delicious meal and movie with an interesting person, who I now know not only via Facebook, but in real life as well.

Sunday was a total pajama day, never leaving my house, I had pancake brunch after sleeping in for a change with my youngest son and my adopted daughter, watched some television, laughing at some drama on MTV and being blessed later in the night with a visit from my middle son.

He tried to show us a blues riff on the guitar my youngest son got for his birthday from his older brother.  My youngest son and I have no musical talent at all and it is not the first time that a guitar player has tried to show us some things on said guitar - their language is Greek to us however and even with diagrams I am not sure if it really is going to sink in!  My friend Mike summed it up today by saying that not all of us can be musicians - someone has to be in the audience and that is where I will gladly reside!

As this day is almost over, I am finally getting to finish my blog.  I am getting closer and closer to completing more projects and remain confident that I will succeed!  There are never enough hours in the day as it is, but I am pleased with what I have done and the goals that still remain!

I hope that you are all safe and well, counting your blessings, being kind to yourselves and sharing the love forward!  Thank you all for your wonderful and generous support in reading and commenting!  I do thrive on it!    Keep well and don't forget to smile!

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