Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Boredom has definitely set in!  I have read, played games, chatted with people, played more games, visited with real people, cooked, cleaned, napped, crochet, rolled cigs and I have drank more tea than one person should for the day!

I wish spring would just get here already so I can begin my day the right way by sitting on my back deck absorbing sunshine, listening to music and working on my tan!  The sun is there, waiting, but it is just not warm enough yet for me to spend my mornings there.

I have become de-sensitized now that I do not walk my dog Simba five times a day 365 days a year, through wind, snow, sun and rain.  I have turned into a girl (substitute slang word for cat for girl and that is really what I am being)  in the respect that if the temperature is not warm, I am not going outside period.

I never realized how much that dog was a benefit.  When I was forced to move back to Pittsfield, the only reason why I ever left my apartment was to walk him.  Facing my fears with a fierce looking dog on the end of the lease, I had nothing to fear.

Now, I must say, my motivation in leaving the house during colder temperatures that I want to expose myself to without a very good reason is practically nil!  To say that cabin fever is settling in would be a total understatement.

Yesterday, I was asked to walk my friends dog as she had transportation and time issues while working, which I gladly did for an hour.  This sweet dog is a terrier poodle, like we used to own and breed in West Stockbridge sixteen years ago and is a beautiful grey with black trim, so lovable and huggable -  the exact opposite of my Akita Chow mix with his big teeth!  I think it reminded me how much I miss my beloved pooch of 10 years.

At first, it was a blessing not having to care for my pet, but it is overwhelmingly sad to think about all the love I had for him, and he me, despite the work!  I reluctantly gave him up to move into a mold free house, even though I couldn't bring my pooch!

Trying to stay optimistic without warm sunshine after a long winter is horribly trying at this moment in time.  And let's not even mention that crazy full moon that is going to be flying high and bright in the sky tonight!  It is supposed to be a "bad" moon, if you believe in that stuff.  Maybe that is why everyone is so sleepy and out of sorts today?!!?

Oh well!  It could be worse!  Off to crochet some more to at least be productive and to save on smoking all of my cigarettes!  Hope you all survive the moon and the slow coming of Spring!  Trying to think warm thoughts!  Maybe if we all do the Universe may answer with some warm sunshine and less wind!

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