Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I am getting surprised all over the place with my son's new found courage to try new foods!  Tonight I got to make and eat Shepherd's Pie, and guess what - he loved it!  He said he must have been crazy not to try it before! (I did have a backup plan of leftover pasta in case he hated it though!)   I am so very happy to have another food that I like that he will eat!  Fish and now Shepherd's Pie!  A mom could not be any happier than this one is right now!  He even tried a won ton the other day!

Over the years I have had to modify my likes in order to feed my children - especially the three boys I have - they are strictly meat and potatoes kind of kids.  No onions, peppers, lasagna (and one of them is Italian), macaroni and cheese, unless it is out of a box!  If I did not pop them out myself I never would have believed they were my kids!

I am not the kind of Mom that would force my children to ever eat anything they did not like ~ unlike my own mother who had me sit at the table for hours, trying to get me to eat scrambled eggs  when she knew I would rather die than eat them ~ send me to my room and have them for me for breakfast or whatever the next meal was!

Kids are funny creatures at times.  Until recently, he thought homemade macaroni and cheese was no good ~ preferring the boxed garbage instead (as long as I made it for him)!  When my friend Sunday, who doesn't eat meat, came over to share Thanksgiving with us, and I made her homemade mac and cheese - he turned his nose up at it and said - "you guys are gross"!  Then not long ago, when she came home after a visit to her hometown, we made another one and had him taste it - he is a fan!  Who would have thought it!  Not me in my wildest dreams!

I don't think I will get him to eat frogs legs or escargot anytime soon - but I am hopeful that his mind and his taste buds are opening up!  This chick is very happy at the moment, and very full as well!  I am not sure what the next "new" food I will introduce him to, but I will be trying to think of something which I like for him to try next!  Like my stepfather always said, one bite, try it - you may like it!

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