Saturday, March 30, 2013


Ever wake up and think - this is going to be one of those days?  I am feeling like that right now!  My head and neck are killing me, and my tummy is about toast for no reason ~ wish I could blame it on a hangover, but no, not this chick!  If it were not such a beautiful and sunny day outside my window I think I would just go back to bed and wait for Sunday!

More caffeine is definitely in order and not the decaffeinated type either!  I think it is going to take a gallon of tea to get this head straight today!  I am feeling a bit "anti" everything today.  I am hoping that the fun projects I have planned for Easter prep will rattle me back into my normal cheery self!

We all have days like these.  Back in the day these days could stretched for weeks and weeks, one thing on top of another making my mood worse instead of better.  I call them the old days because I work really hard to do the mind shift thing, focus on bigger and better things, think happy thoughts and shift my perception.

In the old days, after a run of these days, I would go visit my home away from home in Pompano Beach, Florida, absorb some sun and some pool time and chill.  Something about a change in weather and people have a wonderful effect on the psyche.  The only problem is that you can only escape for a short time and them you have to return!

Usually though, when you returned it was with a different outlook and things would be okay regardless of what was going on.  A recharge or reboot, replenishing the cup so they say.  Cuz my cup is definitely half empty at this moment!

On a brighter note, I did get my son's room almost done, with the blankets and curtains going through the ritual of spring cleaning.  Probably why my neck is killing me.  These micro bursts of activity - the four loads of laundry, up and down the stairs, folding and lifting and carrying really do a number on me.  Not listening to my broken body and taking a break when I need it is also to blame and staying up way too late on top of that I set myself up for this one!

I am feeling the need for an adventure of any sort.  Envious of those who get to travel and hop into trees to avoid wild pigs!  +Marguerita Farrell had me out in the bush yesterday, laughing my ass off as I read her blog out loud and genuinely!  She always leaves off with thank you for sharing your world with me, well, I want to send her a huge "Thanks" cuz I really needed that, and as I think back to her tale, I continue to laugh out loud all over again!

I was thinking last night about my own adventures of silly and random experiences - actually it was more like trying to remember one - just one over the past 5 years since my life drastically changed and you know what - I could not do it!  I had to scan through my memory banks so far back to get a vague recall and by vague I mean none what so ever!  Quite depressing actually!  No wonder my head and stomach do not feel right today!

Here is to the discovery of caffeine and hoping it works on this girl today because she does not need this today at all!  Happy Day before Easter everyone!

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