Monday, March 18, 2013


It seems I forgot something with that amazing burst of motivation on Saturday and that was to take breaks and work in moderation.  My huge output of energy and activity allowed me a great nights sleep, not awaking until 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, but left me with a lot of pain which I forgot is the result of overdoing it.

I spent the day Sunday doing absolutely nothing except cooking some amazing fish and chips twice, because my son really liked it and I only cooked what I felt I could eat in the fish department in case he did not like the fish.  Then my friend Sunday came down for some chips and we finished off the rest of the fish as well.

I spent the afternoon watching a new to me, but old show - the first four episodes of "Veronica Mars" and even watched all of my Sunday evening shows, which is usually a fail for me because they put too many good shows on Sunday evenings, one of the few must watch t.v. nights for me - at least Downton Abbey is over for the time being, that one was the odd man out, but such a good show to watch!

This morning I was up at the ungodly hour of 5 a.m. just because and then back to bed at 9 a.m. because I could not make it another minute awake.  I never sleep in the daytime, but today was the exception to the rule I guess.  The nap did not do its magic though and I woke up feeling worse and missed my one obligation for the day.  My son was a trooper and he cooked dinner for me tonight, which was amazing!  What that boy can do with seasonings is amazing!  I am so happily full and lazy as I type this.

I think this cold is hanging on longer than it should and I am ready for it to be gone!  I am still in a good mindset.  Not lacking motivation - just ability.  I am sure I will pick up where I left off maybe tomorrow while the weather is bad - we are expecting a ton of snow here in the Berkshires!  I love the weather here, but I am ready for the temperatures to warm up and work on my tan.

In the meantime, with snow on its way, food in the house and not a care in the world - no new ones anyway - just reminders of old ongoing conditions - which are making me feel my age at the moment, I still feel confident that I will get the last two rooms done by the end of the week and with any luck I will not be needing three days to recuperate!

I hope we are not buried in snow too badly tomorrow as I have a much needed chiropractor appointment with my favorite doctor - Dr. Tosk and his magic water table, which I have not been on in a month, and which I will gladly wade through a few inches of snow to get to!  Although I would prefer one in my room as opposed to having to travel for that amazing contraption!

On that note, I am gone!  Hope you all had a great holiday and keep warm and safe if you are in the danger zones for weather this week!

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  1. your words are always like a breath of fresh air