Sunday, March 31, 2013


Happy Easter everyone!  Hope you are having a marvelous experience on this beautiful day!  I woke up with the sun shining and obviously did not make it to the sunrise service, although they were talking about one on t.v. at the Lincoln Memorial, which must be one heck of a place to see the sunrise!

I have baked Easter Sugar Cookies for my son's as they are favourites.  I did venture to make homemade chocolate, and the jury is still out on that one, as they are still a little tacky from the refrigerator, so I popped them in the freezer to see how they make out.

I will admit that I rolled some peanut butter balls, as a reader recommended and dipped them in some of my homemade chocolate, and I have sampled at least 4 of them between last night and this morning, and they are mighty tasty!  Thank you anonymous for the suggestion!  I could have eaten just the peanut butter confectionery sugar mix straight up it was so yummy!

Making homemade chocolate was fun!  I have no pictures as the process was quite involved and cost me one blender/food processor base!  Oh well, it was old and not too expensive and well worth the experience!     It was quite messy as well!  Chocolate just appeared to be everywhere!

I took a break last night from my dough prep and chocolate making and made it out for a bit of entertainment.  I got to hear an amazing Blues Band   T-Bone Daddy in an establishment I had never been in before up the street from my house.  If you ever get an opportunity to see these guys please do it!  They really are an amazing trio of musicians who can really hold their own and then some.  Amazing guitar, bass and drums alike!  After a wonderful musical experience I made it safely home through the Common with no giant Easter Bunny attacks!  It was a beautiful night for a walk, the air had just the right amount of nippiness to it!

This morning I awoke and the Easter Bunny had left a basket of goodies outside my door for my son and myself full of candy and a smiley key chain and a card from my good friend +Mike Pezzo !  Thanks Mike!  It is very cool to be surprised like that!

We are having an afternoon dinner as my son has to work until 2:00, so we could be eating anywhere from 4 to 6 p.m.  No worries though!  My biggest task today is peeling potatoes, as no holiday meal is complete without the ton of garlic mashed potatoes required for my family!

One of my acquaintances is taking her mishap of a broken stove/oven to take it as a sign to just relax and enjoy the day!  That is one of the great things about her!  Don't get mad, roll with the punches!  I offered up my oven but she is chill!  Way to go Donna!  Outlook is everything!

Congratulations as well to Richard!  I just saw that his blog/book is being offered through Amazon!  Way to go!  I love the story and hope you all get a chance to check it out as well!  NO CURE FOR THE MEDIEVAL MIND, VOLUME 1 AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!!

Here is my wish today, I wish you all the ability to have a great outlook regardless of what set backs come your way!  Count your blessings and let go of the rest!  Enjoy your meal and your candy, but do not forget to brush your teeth after all that sugar!

Peace and blessings!!!

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