Tuesday, March 5, 2013



         ACT WITH LOVE

                    CHECK YOUR MOTIVES

                                WATCH YOUR ATTITUDE


I ran into this post yesterday for a Karma cleanse endorsement.  I find that forgiveness - not of others but of self is most necessary in my case, and I am sure many of you may feel the same way.  If you are like me, it is easier to forgive others much easier than it is to forgive and love yourself.

I have been taking my personal journey very seriously over the past thirteen years.  Thirteen - that seems like a very long time, when in fact it has passed very quickly and it amazes me that it has been that long, and continues to be my most major goal!

I, for one have always been grateful and thankful of the gifts that have been set before me, on some days, just a flower or a bird, or the sun shining down at a moment when I desperately needed something to remind me  that the world and its wonders are so much greater than whatever demon I am fighting with, and it is just enough to help me shift my attitude and act with love and not focus on the negative forces that sometimes try to take control of my life.

Forgiveness though, is an entirely different matter.  I think I am still in the discovery stages.  Learning to accept that I have value, that I do have good in me and do good and it is not a bad thing at all.  I am still amazed that I do not see what others see and have to be told and reminded and it still blows me away!

For me, I think after the discovery, the acceptance of self and truth will help set me onto the path of forgiving myself.  I cannot even begin to visualize what that will look like yet!  Looking back over the past two years alone and the progress I have made towards the better, living in the light, becoming visible instead of hiding in the shadows has been very enlightening.

I stumble, pick myself back up, ponder what happened, process and  evaluate and move forward.  Always forward sometimes it takes a little longer than other times to process and move forward, but in the end I have always succeeded.  As someone said, failure is not in falling, it is getting back up which makes you the winner and trying yet again, perhaps a different way, a different path instead of doing the same things the same way with the same results in the end.  The fun is in the journey!

Have a fun and adventurous day!  Live your lives and learn to love and forgive yourselves it is so freeing!

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