Thursday, March 14, 2013


 The other day my friend asked me to help him move some furniture around in his house.  While doing so I spotted this blue cat in his cabinet.     I liked it at once.  It reminded me of the blue horse I acquired a few years ago, when I moved back to the "Pitts".

No one liked my blue horse besides me and one of my son's fathers.  His Dad was a horse trainer and he was going to be a jockey before life got in the way.  I thought the cat would go pretty well with the blue horse.
I was surprised when he brought me the blue cat the next day when he came to give me a ride.  The cat did not survive the travel across the city - he broke his leg, but that is okay by me, a little glue and he will be on the mend!

I occasionally do research to see if I can locate any history on the horse off it's markings off the bottom of the piece.  I have never had any luck.  It's only value is to me.  I have seen other horse statues of this style but never blue.

As I am a fan of colour, especially blue, it fits right into my life very nicely.  I am very happy to have another piece of blue in my life with the addition of the cat.  It is nice to have and I do appreciate my friend thinking of me and sharing his treasure with me.

I am a huge fan of collecting and most of my pieces hold memories and are supposed to be reminders.  Unlike looking through the boxes of photo's I have (which are nice to look at on occasion, but too much looking brings back memories which are too painful.)  Not so with my trinkets.  They just make me feel good.

My living room is full of art and trinkets which make me smile and feel good all of the time.  Some of them I have had for more than 25 years.  It makes me wonder how any of it survived the million moves I have gone through since I began moving around when I was 19 or 20 years old.

When we moved to West Stockbridge in 1993, we moved into an apartment which my boyfriend and his daughter lived in.  It was already set up and there was no need or room for my treasures.  They remained packed and in the attic until I moved out in 1998 or so.  I never knew how much they were a part of me until I opened those boxes and had my "stuff" around me again.

It is funny, as I never thought I was a material girl how many material items I do have, and how many are so important to me.  I could never live anywhere that has earthquakes - it would be too dangerous for me, my life would crumble and break - everything is breakable except for the books!

It feels really good to be surrounded with the objects of my life which bring me such pleasure and to watch people enter my living room and take it all in - like it is a mini gallery.  My middle son, each time he enters threatens to take something or other - I just laugh and tell him he has to wait until I die and fight with his brothers over everything!  It makes me feel really good inside that he and others get the same feeling I do when they come into my very busy living room!  We welcome the blue cat to our collection and I cannot wait to hear if it is a hit or a miss with the "critics" in my life!

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  1. ~ kitty looks like he has an owl face on his chest ~