Thursday, November 28, 2013


Today went much better than I could have hoped for considering the beginning of the week and the bad feeling that I had and just wanting to throw the whole holiday out the window and be done with it.

My morning started out a bit iffy for no reason other than it is what it is and I find it is better to not block the emotions ~ don't let them control you but hey, if you need to cry ~ better to let that happen than not.  So I did.

Crying is for babies, I know, a sign of weakness and all that rubbish ~ yes, I said it.  I have heard it since I was a little girl when I did cry freely when my feelings were hurt.  It was much healthier than what resulted from not crying ~ bottling up one's emotions and losing sight of them totally.

I drank my tea and did my dailies with my games and put my turkey in a sink of cold water ~ in other words ~ got on with my day.  With such a small turkey I was not hard pressed for time to say the least.

I mashed up the graham crackers and made my pie crust and let it chill for an hour before constructing the rest of the pie and decided to peel some squash before it turned any more than it had and almost took off my knuckle.

While looking for a non existent band aide (I knew this, but looked anyway) I came across the curling iron I knew I had but could not find a couple of weeks ago.  I figured I had given it away at some point over the past 10 years ~ since my hair turned curley I really didn't need it, but with this new haircut my curls went somewhere else.

I was very thankful and did a little dance and taped my wounded finger as best I could and resumed the squash, and began cooking the neck, heart and liver parts from the turkey.  My friend Cindy had given me a couple of onions so I decided I would treat myself to my Gram's liver pate.

I was taking a break and my phone rang ~ my sweet Grand daughter calling to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving ~ and my son in the background asking her if she told me they were going to stop by!  That was the medicine I needed to turn my day around.

It wasn't that anything was wrong with my day but it sure did get a lot brighter after that.  Never in a million years did I expect to see all three of my sons today and my Ainsley as well!

Tom's Dad showed up first.  So he witnessed my almost fail with the potatoes ~ I almost burned them ~ which is a first for me ~ who burns potatoes when they are boiling?  I made a quick save and what a save it was.

The turkey finished up an hour earlier than planned so that was not in the oven when Tom's Dad was looking for it ~ it was resting on the dining room table which I had just finished setting.

My shower was out at that point so I got to eat a delicious meal in my pajamas with my guys.  We had just finished dinner and were preparing out post meal smokes when Jeff and Ains arrived.  Tom's Dad was already sleeping on the couch in front of the football game by that point as well.

I had a great photo op of all three of my boys, but my middle son saw me with my camera and ducked out of every shot possible.  Drat ~ even promising not to post it on the Internet did me no good.

I did get Tom's Dad asleep on the couch and a good shot of my eldest and youngest son's together.  I will have to be more prepared and sneaky at Christmas!

We hung out for a while and then it was time for Jeff and Ains to leave.  We exchanged hugs and goodbyes and it was sad to see them depart ~ although Ains did want to sleep over but Jeff did not look approachable ~ I did offer to take her any time (direct hint!) ~ he said they would think about it!

We had pie in the living room and Thomas got almost a whole chocolate pie since my middle son doesn't eat sweets anymore.  That is great will power for a kid who has been eating candy since he was old enough not to choke on it!

My guys hung out for quite some time.  Everyone was relaxed and chill.  No stress to be found anywhere in my lovely home.  What more could a girl ask for?

Soon it was time for them to leave however.  With turkey and supplies to take home they carpooled and gave Rick a ride home so he didn't have to freeze along the way.

Tom and I resumed our usual positions at the computers and I made a tea and settled in to do an update, got distracted, finished the dishes, made a sandwich and another tea and here I am.

I realized at some point while I was thinking about how good the gravy was that I forgot to add any seasonings at all ~ it was so good it was not easy to notice but I could have kicked myself ~ another food oops!

Just about 9:00 and everything is clean, wiped down and with the exception of the leaf in the dining room table which just needs to be returned to the pantry, all is ready for another day.

The fun begins tomorrow with the beginning of Turkey Soup and liver pate.  Two of my very favourites to be sure!  My soups are like meals and believe me ~ you do not walk away from a bowl of any of my soups wanting.

I am off to spend some quality time with my youngest.  I hope your day ~ holiday or not was a wonderful and blessed thing.  I so enjoyed all of the positive and not so positive bits of unexpected things in my day.

I off to raid the kitchen  and make another sandwich ~ night all!

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