Friday, September 4, 2015


Another day, another adventure.  Today I found myself waking before I was adequately rested despite going to bed early enough last night, awake early enough to have plenty of time to make my 10:30 appointment at the Gallery to pick up the final piece of Art Work from Anne Roland which was at the framer.

It was her newest piece and I had the dimensions, but that doesn't mean anything, seeing the piece of work you need to incorporate into your show is important, for my brain anyway, in order to finalize the show.

After chatting with Anne, I found myself with a scant hour and a half to get ready to leave for my doctors appointment in Springfield.  I completly forgot to return the overdue library books while I was actually on the street as the library so I had to back track after going home, changing into my travel/doctor outfit and get my trip supplies and directions.

I ran into Orleans Dave at the library and if he didn't have plans would have gladly kidnapped him, despite having decided to make it a solo trip without my Dad or anyone but the radio and myself.  I wasn't sure what kind of news I was going to get and sometimes I need to be alone with my self and my thoughts in order to process information.

I had to get an x-ray while I was there prior to my appointment.  I love how they have everything all in one place, neat, orderly, organized and professional.  I made it over to my appointment and sat and waited, stood and waited and just waited.

I was a fit in so between me being late from the x-ray and the timing I was there for a while.  I had made arrangements to drop off a piece of work to one of the women artists from the College Club show from August since I was going to be in the area so to speak.

I had 30 minutes to get to Northampton to be on time.  I was only minutes late when I hit a red light which took forever and then another one after that within sight of the Forbes Library where we were to meet.

As I parked the car and fed the meter I didn't see anyone waiting impatiently, and I had phoned and said I would be there a minute late as well.  I have never seen the artist but I knew it wouldn't be a problem for her to recognize me, since I was the only person outside with a painting wrapped up.

I was eager to get home and after a few minutes she arrived.  Normally I would have been all over Northampton, but it was later in the day and I still had to set up the show in the Colt Gallery and tweak my main room.

I came off of Route 9 in Dalton and had the brilliant idea to cross over to Route 8 and be able to cut over to Route 7 and be close to home avoiding the main route.  The only problem with that was that I had forgotten where the road I wanted was.

I drove up a street, took a right, drove around some posh neighborhood and looped back to the street I began on.  I did it again, knowing the first turn was correct and then I went straight, looped back, but not so far.

Finally, I quit.  I decided to go a way I thought I knew, only to end up across the street from Gulf Road, my destination.  2 and a half miles of the sweetest wooded closed road you want to trip over after a long day of driving.

The graded dirt road, cut through the mountain, no doubt, has it's rocks older than any man living on the planet these days, moved perhaps during the last ice age for all I know!  A little swamp complete with dead trees popped out on my right.

Endless green pnes paved my path and I enjoyed the road and it's various stages of life and death, as the rotted tree split in half with the top of the tree in an inverted V next to the base of the decay of it's bottom half.

The things you see when you don't have a camera!  So many wonderful sights indeed.  Only  my brain has these shots stored for my later years when I forget to remember where all of these marvelous landscapes of my life are in the world!

Soon I was eased back into the real world with a house and some blacktop.  The trees thinned out and when I could almost hear Route 8 in front of me, to my left a forgotten pond, covered with dead leaves and pond scum, and probably some really good fish too.

I hit the end of the road, right or left?  Either way would work.  The clearing in the traffic allowed for a right turn before a left so I went right and to further matters of

Ghazi was hopefully back from his trip and with any luck my labels for the show would be waiting for me.  Orleans Dave texted me when I was just hitting town.  I tried to text but really stink at it with the antiquated phone I have.

I ended up phoning him since I didn't understand his final message.  He offered to meet me at my house and go over to the Gallery and finalize the show with me.  Just having company and an extra set of eyes really helps.

The new piece was just the ticket and went nicely with it's counterpart, but led me to change my mind about the piece hanging over the mantle, since the one I had there was part of a pair, which I decided would go better in the main gallery.

I had to wait for Rob Martin's final piece Thursday which as it turns out was different than his other pieces in the show, so I didn't have to jiggle the wall of his work which I feel is one of the strong parts of my show this month.

I needed some more of Anne Pasko's work in the main Gallery and decided to move her work to follow Morris Bennett's Abstracts since the mixed media flowed better with the abstracts.  It worked out that I grouped three of her pieces nicely on one wall, using the remaining three in the Colt Gallery.

I finished up with the hanging and Ghazi texted me that he just got into town, no labels for me until Friday!!!!  Bummer.  Not the end of the world.  I still needed to get home and eat the delicious roast chicken I had my son put in the oven while I was driving back from Northampton.

I decided on the way home after taking photos of the show and locking up, that I would go easy and make white rice to go with the chicken and call that dinner.  Tom out did himself with the seasoning and the skin was delicious and crispy, the white meat a little dry but the dark meat perfect.

Of course, after a long week of cleaning and a long day of driving, I am beat!  I do not have time to be beat.  I still have miles to go before I reach my goal of having my show finished, having my house ready for my friends before noon and still have other company to see before the sun shines tomorrow.

Colt Gallery

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