Sunday, September 13, 2015


Waking up this morning and walking downstairs the first thing I noticed was that the elves did not come and finish my work - not that I expected them to, but one can hope, I was a huge fan of fairy tales when I was growing up, so you just never know.

I live in reality, however, and the reality was just as bad as it was the evening before!  The dining room seems to be my easiest room to pull together, once I figure out where to put all of the craft supplies, easels, canvas's and miscellaneous piles of stuff that make up the clutter in my dining room.

I walked through to the living room to see if the elves had made it in there, and no luck there either.  I went back to the kitchen and made a cup of tea, turned on the computer and tried to get my head back on track - no major ideas having entered my brain while I was sleeping.

What I had to face looked more large scale than I was prepared for in the early morning light.  I did however, get my rainy and overcast day in order to keep me in the house and I guess I got my wish from last night for a pajama day since I am not getting dressed until this mess is in better order!

So bit by bit I am making my way through.  I am contemplating taking down every picture on every wall to make it less distracting, like at the Gallery when I am hanging a show.  It is difficult to see where to place things if the Art on the wall isn't in the right place and we all know the pictures go up last not first!

Don't forget I have the new piece of furniture to fit in and I think I have begun to place it in my head and what will go around it, on it and in it as well.  Hopefully it will work as it does in my head, unlike the shelf I just moved into the dining room which doesn't work in there at all.

I still have to decided on the other two book shelves and if I move them it will be a pain in the behind since books, although I love them, are a pain when you need to move them, so before I do I have to make sure I am only moving them once.

I am thankful that my brain hasn't decided to re work the kitchen, although you never know - I think the three rooms at a time is enough.  I also think I am a glutton for punishment - what was I thinking indeed!

At the moment I am bouncing back in forth writing, looking at Art and interacting on the Internet with new friends, as well as thinking about my next move, playing games and debating taking a reading break since I stupidly began another Tolstoy book of stories. (Only stupid because given all of my options the book in bed with tea and cigs are most appealing to me!)

I am also trying to piece together an art show for November.  I have been throwing a couple of show ideas around in my head.  October off has certainly left a hole in my brain and I feel like I am wading through quicksand with all of the options before me.

Me thinks it is better when I have too much to do, having too much time on my hands shifts my priorities around a bit.  I should be zigging when I am zagging if you know what I mean?  I also have only two weeks to get my housing paperwork together so I had to begin that yesterday as it is the highest priority at the moment.

I do have a deadline if I do not finish the task at hand today - it needs to be finished by the time Ainsley comes for our sleepover this weekend.  Shouldn't be too difficult if I could just stop procrastinating!

So I am off to see if the new table idea fits or if I need to sit in the room and feel it out.  That book is calling me though - maybe I will sit in the room with the book....(sometimes I wish I could just twitch my nose and have everything fall into place like Samantha on Bewitched - but then what fun would that be?)

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