Saturday, September 19, 2015


If you recall, last week I totally upended my house and went into a massive "fall cleaning" to distract my brain from the million things that are occupying the normally calm and forward moving thoughts and activities that were threatening to shut down the machine which is me.

In between doctors appointments, errands, naps and regular weekly activities ranging from meeting artists and swapping out paintings, art retrieval, writing and organizing outside things I somehow managed to wonder if I hadn't completely lost my mind in the process, tossed the thought aside and each day made a dent, but still wasn't quite sure if I would have everything done by Friday.

By the middle of the week I had the furniture in place and was somewhat pleased with the living room, had buried the dining room completely once again and decided to get some general cleaning done and use my brain in order to enable myself to 'work smart" which means not moving things here and there and back where they started.

I am a firm believer of sleeping on things.  I find I have some great bursts of creativity while I am sleeping.  Waking up and finding the solution right before your eyes all the time.  Sometimes that is all you need, other times not!  Since my second hobby this week has been napping, I am certain it helped.

I am especially happy with that table I picked up.  It makes a great media center and is much more attractive than the three milk crates that my music was stored in.  Bringing the blond hutch into the room was perfect and I should have done that 4 years ago.

The living room is a great room with a high ceiling and the piece was too big for the mini dining room where I had it all of this time.  Putting the smaller hutch that was Franya's Mothers, in the dining room works so much better and taking that piece out of the computer room left space for the old cabinet t,v. to go behind the table we use for our computers and having a work station for the printer and our towers.

The final area I had to work on was Ains's play corner.  I brought the shelf back in and incorporated it into her kitchen space, giving her a bigger work area.  I utilized it for the board games and toys we use as well and the temporary storage of some video game systems and games for Thomas.

I have two computer towers and an unusually heavy t.v. to remove from the room and it is done, except for the pictures on the walls and the arrangement of the nick knacks - everything is set and the room is "winter ready".

I still have a decision to make in the dining room, but it is good for now.  Ready for Patrick's birthday dinner on Tuesday once I figure out where I am going to store the ample supply of picture frames I have been collecting along with a couple of other piles of organized messes.

I had to clear the table of the unicorns and carousels just to have room to sort the piles of papers into the piles I had sorted the week before.  Now I have to drag the final pile upstairs to sort into the three piles I have in my room and figure out a solution to storing them for easy reference.

If I keep this up I may actually be ready to tackle those closets and final boxes from every move since 2008 when my main activity was finding a safe and secure place to live after having my world upended.

Having found said place I may actually succeed in this goal sooner than later.  How nice would that be???  For me, it would be most excellent since I have a great need to have my life in order.  As I count the years that it has taken me (2008 - 2015) it is about time!  That is too long to live with chaos and disorder.

Today I am supposed to be vacuuming the two carpets and move my room around.  The fact of the matter is, my room is always last.  I am close to maybe having a vision.  I hate the thought of moving those rock maple dresser more than once.

I am procrastinating my behind off today.  Sleeping in, drinking tea, playing music and writing away. To be fair to myself, writing is not procrastination since I am updating the semi conclusion of my madness.  In reality, it is crossing an item off the list.

Friday is no longer the deadline, although, I was done and ready for Ainsley to sleep over.  She was waiting to hear from her cousin who trumps me.  I had to decline an invite to take a motorcycle ride to the top of Mt. Greylock which would have been awesome since the weather was perfect yesterday afternoon and Greylock is always a hit as well (with me, anyway!)

By 5:30 she gave me permission to accept a dinner invite and I left her waiting to hear from her cousin, and surprised she just didn't call her herself.  My monkey girl is not shy, but for some reason she was holding back...very unlike her and I will be inquiring why when I see her next.

Monday evening before bed is the new deadline since Tuesday I will be prepping and cooking my son's birthday dinner.  I think I will manage.  Pictures will be forthcoming and you know I will be done with the downstairs anyway!

Off for some lunch and some work perhaps....

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