Thursday, September 17, 2015


Sometimes I feel like a fly caught in a spiders web, struggling to break free of the strong fine silk which binds me.  I wonder if I should struggle and make things worse, or lie still and endure this curse.
Other times I am tangled in thorns - sharp, and thick, through my skin they do rip.  I wonder how I will loosen their grip.  Every movement I do make, another bit of flesh they do take.  If this is a dream I wish to wake.

Sometimes I am lost, as if in a dream.  I look and all that was familiar is lost to me.  Each step I take reveals to me, another path in front of me.  I never know which path to choose, in each case something I do lose.

Other times I feel just grand.  I know I where I fit in this great land.  No fear or sorrow invades my mind.  My heart is loving, warm and kind.  Each step I take is straight and true, bringing me closer to what I love to do.

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