Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I am on the tail end of a 14 hour day most of it non stop and with Tom and then Tom and my Dad.  It was a very interesting and productive day for sure with a little side trip to Lebanon, N.Y. and back to Pittsfield via back roads which I wasn't even sure where we would end up other than back home.

During the morning part of errands- long before a trip to New York State was even a twinkle of a thought, Anne Pasko phoned and needed to pick up two of her paintings which are in our current "Partners in Art" Show at the Whit, and bring me two new pieces so there wouldn't be a space.

We planned to meet at 1:30 and at the same time I was meeting Lisa so she could pick up her paintings from the August show since I would be there.  Lisa arrived ahead of me and I unlocked the door and turned on the lights.

Thomas and my Dad were with me and I was eager for Thomas to see the show since he doesn't really go out too much in public and never to the Shows.  The Town Players had a huge stage built up for their performance.

I found Walt's Paintings in the Colt Gallery when the Pasko's and I walked in to get her work for the International Show they were entered in.  No one was more surprised than I.  At least they were off the walls and not in danger of getting damaged by the stage!

Still, they were off the walls, along with three other pieces.   No big deal unless you are the artist who expects their pieces to be hung and shown for a certain number of days, and how embarrassing to have that artist arrive and find his work on a table and not on the walls.

I don't think I could have apologized any more than I did.  Now, I am going to have to figure out where in the world these lovely pieces of work can go for the remainder of the month so they can be seen, especially with the event going on, otherwise what is the purpose????

This so bothered me, despite driving, and driving in the country with my Dad and my Son.  I tried not to be distracted, but distracted I was.  I hate surprises.  I dropped my Dad off at his house and on the way back to my house Tom and I stopped by to see my grand children.

It seems funny that I have grand children, I love those little lambs, even though I don't know Declan as well.  Dec was asleep, Ains wasn't home and Jeff was on the computer when we arrived.  Tom and he began talking video games and I waited impatiently for Ains.

I looked at the baby sleeping, had to go out to the car and get the camera and took a couple of photo's , watching him twitch a little at the quite noise of the camera disturbing his little nap.  I didn't want to get in trouble for waking him up so I put the camera away and went in with the boys.

Some things never change and Jeff is the Master of All.  He is the reason why Pat and Tom are Video Game and Computer Addicts.  Jeff has been at it longer than both of them and they all awaited their turn at following The Master.  They were talking a language I didn't understand - video games of one sort or another.

I interrupted and asked when Ains was arriving.  3:30 seemed a long way off.  I was allowed to pick up the baby and wake him up, Jeff of course didn't tell me he needed a bottle when he got up or I would have been prepared.

Declan was happy and smiling at first as I talked to him.  He was fine when I walked him around and he clung to a bunch of my hair like Thomas used to when he was my little monkey boy.  He was awesome when I changed his diaper.

I gave him to Uncle Thomas and he was okay for a second and then Tom laid him down and he didn't like that.  Tom has zero experience with babies so I went and got the boy and walked around, grabbed the rattle I knew he liked, thanks to Ainsley.

We walked outside to see if the bus had arrived yet and Ains ran around the corner "Gramma" she yelled as she almost knocked us over with a hug.  You don't know Love until you have that experience let me tell you!

We went inside and she ran in to see Thomas.  She loves Thomas and was happy to see him at her house.  The baby was crying a bit and Jeff had to get ready for work.  Ainsley helped get a bottle and somehow after quick hugs and goodbyes, they got in their car and we got in ours and they headed to work and us home.

I made a much needed tea and was just beginning to relax when I heard my Dads phone ringing in the living room.  He was home. I moaned out loud knowing that I would have to leave the comfort of my home and go back out.

At that point I was not down for it.  I even complained about it.  I drank my tea, put another one in the microwave and drove across town again to my Dads with his phone and his Mentos.  I buzzed and he let me in without asking who it was.

I walked down the hall and he opened the door with a wet sponge and if I am not mistaken a golf club.  I handed him his phone and his candy and he thanked me and I headed home, eager to relax and drink my tea.

It is odd having Thomas awake all day.  I like it.  We eat lunch and dinner at normal hours.  Heck, he may even go to sleep at a normal hour tonight and have two normal days in a row.  That would be something else.  I would write that one down on the calendar.

He cooked dinner and I did the pre dinner dishes ad had to cut the pork chops.  I shop once a month and had packaged and froze all of the meat last night except for the center cut pork.  Before he could cook I had to cut.18 pork chops and a nice pork roast later he was marinating the pork and I was preparing the meat for the freezer.

I had found Pat's birthday roast the day before and the freezer was officially full once again with a bit of variety and the beginning of the transition to winter foods - soups, stews and roasts are my absolute favorites to cook, but not in the summer heat that is for sure,  It is one of the few things I like about winter - cooking the meals (and eating them!)

Master Chef finale was on this evening and since we were caught up we planned dinner around it.  It was a two hour finale and I was pleased with the winner.  I do not want to give it away in case you watch the show and haven';t seen it.  It was pretty intense and a close call for sure.

Since I am still bothered and haven't had time, I stopped in the dining room on my way to the computer and relieved the table of some of it's dust collectors.  I managed to put my tea pot collection and cups along with a few other pieces in the cabinet.

I may actually have some time to implement some ideas I have and finish off the downstairs by the end of the day, nick knacks and all.  I am hopeful.  Actually, I just remembered Third Thursday is tomorrow, so I may not get everything done by 5;00.  It depends on what hidden surprises I am in store for throughout the day.

Ains didn't sleep over her cousins yet, I take a back seat so I may have another week to get my house in order.  I know I have to pack up some things and bring other things upstairs.  I know I am getting closer to actually calling this place a home after 4 years - I have some stuff on the walls in my room - which is always the last to get set up.

In any case, it is getting late and I can barely see.  Time to call it a day and see what Thursday brings my way.

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