Saturday, September 26, 2015


If you have been following along, I made a major mess in the name of rearranging the furniture in three rooms and redecorating with a deadline that kept getting extended bit by bit until the final deadline last week on the 22 of September for my middle son's birthday dinner celebration.

I had pretty much had the furniture arranged when last I wrote, having had decided not to move the two bookshelves and having set up a cool corner for Ainsley and her kitchen with the addition of some shelves for her games and miscellaneous supplies.

Well, after sitting in the living room to feel how it felt I realized that I needed to move the two bookshelves, at least until after Christmas, since I had built Ainsley's corner in the Christmas Tree corner which would not do.

So I carefully moved all of the breakables once more off the two shelves and slid the two book shelves, one by one across the room and kitty corner to each other and moved the Kitchen and the other shelf where they were.  I am not as happy with it as I would like to be, but I can move it back after Christmas which will also prompt me to put the Christmas decorations away before May this year! (or so I will lead myself to believe.)

So the living room and the dining room were ready to go (furniture wise).  The placement of the Art and dust collectors are another story and will be a few minutes as I collect my thoughts and focus on that area.

I baked Pat a birthday cake even though he didn't want one.  I baked a chocolate cake (even though he doesn't like it), selfishly and for me personally, after all his birthday was a milestone in my life as well.

I timed out the Roast Beast and planned my day accordingly.  For a change an earlier birthday dinner was scheduled - although we ate a bit later than even I intended, but not because we were waiting on Patrick and his Dad this time, but because we were waiting on my gravy - the most important part of the meal in my estimation.

I steamed baby carrots and fresh green beans and made some garlic mashed potatoes.  I can say every thing came out great except for the potatoes - to Tom and I they were like some failed science experiment - my Dad, Bruce and Pat thought they were the best things on the planet which makes me question their judgement seriously.

We all enjoyed the roast and the gravy and there wasn't a carrot or green bean to be found by the time I cleared plates to get ready for the dessert portion of the meal.  Pat had opened his presents when they arrived.  My Dad and I each got him a new piece for his collection which he loved.  Pat is the present giver and I was happy to have something he liked this year for his birthday!

At Cake time Tom and Grampa were eager to break into the double layer  chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  Tom brought out the cake, forks and plates while I got a knife and began serving.  I was hoping it was as light and fluffy as I could make it and it was.  Even Patrick (after giving me a hard time) had some and really enjoyed it as well.

It was so good there was only three pieces left by the end of the night.  I am certain my Dad would have eaten the rest if I hadn't taken it off the table!  I had to tell Thomas not to finish the rest of it during the night in order to have a second piece of it the next day!

I am no longer in the What Was I Thinking part of this project.  It is actually nice to come downstairs in the morning, do my little bit of work and not be freaking out by all of the piles and clutter.  I am not out of the woods yet, but I can just make out the clearing beyond the forest!

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