Saturday, September 26, 2015


I have traveled back 40 years
back to my childhood and my fears
Anxiety and loss filled those days
I can barely see through the haze.

It is like I have walked through a door
One I loathe and thought I had locked secure
The pain and loss which were always around
Turned my smile into a frown.

I wish I could find the door back to me
Open it up and come back home
I have come so far from where I was
And I once again feel all alone.

No one listens, no one cares
I could scream and fuss, but I don't dare
Hoping to find the door once more
Even if I am the only one who does care

The place I find myself now residing,
peeking around corners, I feel like hiding.
It takes all that I have to wake each day
I need to find my way.

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