Sunday, September 13, 2015


I would love to say that I was finished - two days should be enough time for a project such as this, one would think, not in my house.  It is amazing the stuff that is stacked up hidden until you start moving things around!

I do like the new table.  It is one of my best finds to date.  It has solved a long time problem of stereo system, discs and tapes which were mainly stored in three milk crates which are now empty save some miscellaneous stuff to be sorted later.

I decided not to move the two white bookshelves or the landscape paintings over them.  I do have to switch the couch and the chair and then look at the art on the rest of the walls.  I haven't made up my  mind yet, but then, I am still placing furniture.

I decided to store 6 of the plastic craft containers under the hutch where they were - neat and orderly, somewhat organized and easy to access when I get crafty.  I tried to put a shelf in the dining room but it just doesn't belong there - computer room maybe?

I have almost decided to put my Unicorns in the computer room and a shelf would be necessary then - decisions, decisions. Tomorrow is another day on that one.  Like I said, progress is slow, but once I take that step I keep marching forward.

Forward momentum is the key to everything.  Although too much focus on one thing will shut you down so when the rain cloud shifted out of my view later in the afternoon I decided to take a walk.  I forgot all about the Festival at St. Joe's Church on North.

The street was pretty deserted.  I walked all of the way down to the Market Place Cafe - which was closing - and ran into the guy who helps me hang my show having coffee.  We chatted for a few and the cloud began to get darker.

We said our goodbyes and I was almost headed home when I remembered that I needed half & half since it is a luxury I indulge in for my tea - actually it is a most necessary item and I would have to resort to the Jasmine tea without it.

The store was all the way at the other end of the streets and a drop fell here and there as I made my way there.  They were still  packing up at the Church when I walked through, crossed myself, said a little prayer and hurried through towards home. Rain, thankfully random.

My phone rang and Thomas was up and wondering where I was  I told him I wished he could drive and that the keys were there as I was worried about the rain - instead I opted for the favour of a tea when I got home which would be a blessing if I was caught in the rain or not.

I wasn't in the door five minutes and it began to downpour.  I made my tea and we went and watched an episode of our latest addiction.  (okay it was 2 episodes.)  I had plans to feast on the leftovers with some added broccoli to freshen the meal up a bit from last evening.

Sunday night - always Ray Donovan during the season, Thomas challenged me to get dinner ready within 25 minutes.  No problem - the dishes (except for every piece of silverware save 4 forks) were clean.  Challenge accepted.

I set him to task on preparing the other provisions we would need for our hour long foray into Ray's world.  (which means cigarettes - if I had a deadline it was only fair that he had one as well.)  We both completed our tasks within the allotted time, ate dinner and had 15 minutes to spare, give or take a few.

And here we are, Sunday night update.  And an update within the update - the computer froze and needed to be rebooted.  During that time I did move the couch and the chair.  Much better!  I also managed to wheel the ancient cabinet t.v. into the dining room, needing to keep it on the first floor - that and Ainsley's area need to be thought about - but hey it is much better than it was when I began this post.

My tea is almost gone and the hour is getting late - tomorrow is another day - the mountain is now a mere hill and I have almost reached the peak!  I can';t wait to see the view when I reach the top!

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