Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Another day, another day.  I made it through my early morning wake up call to bring my Dad to his physical therapy arriving early enough to get him there on time.  I had a great cup of tea and read for 20 minutes while he was getting his work out, almost completing book 2 of the 100 before he called to be picked up.

Another hour and a half of running around and I was back home by 10:30 in order to get some of my housework done.  After washing 17 plates and almost every piece of silverware in the house, countless bowls and pans last night just to have cooking utensils (and because I can't cook in a dirty kitchen) the night before, I was glad to not have to wash any dishes.

I decided to start with the floors.  Thomas was sleeping in the living room again, a habit which he has once more adopted, I threw him out and made him go upstairs so I could make noise and clean without disturbing him.

I made it through washing the kitchen floor and the bathroom floor before I got a call to meet one of my August artists at the Gallery so she could pick up her work.  After listening to her tale about when she dropped in to pick them up the day before and was confronted by a lady "who knew nothing about the Art" and who wouldn't even let her in to get her artwork I readily told her I could meet her whenever she wanted.

Her son was at the dentist so she called me when he was finished and I went over to meet her at the Gallery.  I found her waiting by the front door as I drove in to unlock the building around back.  I was just retrieving the key when she popped into view and said the front door was unlocked and she was able to retrieve them.

She offered to wait around while I went in to make sure the Art was still on the walls and no boogie men were hiding out - but I told her I was sure I could beat up any boogie man after the Art I had been entrusted with - no one has a chance against me when it comes to Art!

I went in and no one was in the building, a bunch of unusual hall lights were on but that was about it.  I shut off the lights, closed up the Gallery and locked the doors before leaving.  I decided to check out my favorite clothing store which is closing on the 11th, after returning another artists work who is around the corner from North Street, arriving just as her assistant was pulling in and securing permission to park in their lot while I went shopping.

I wasted a good portion of the money my Dad gave me that morning on clothes I will need to make it through the rest of the summer and got some new jeans for the winter months, although I hate the thought of winter coming, I know it is on it's way.

I also got another cute black dress just in case.  You never know when you are going to need a little black dress and I now have a few in my closet for "whenever" and "whatever" may happen.  I looked at everything in the store practically and also grabbed a couple of purses.

Everything was 50% off and I think my highest ticket item was $12.00.  Not a bad days work, but I managed to get hungry after all of that and let Dad treat me to tea and a sandwich and finished the last 5 pages of the book before returning it to the library.

I made it back home and finished mopping the kitchen floor and decided I needed to take a break before tackling the living room and computer room.  The other night when Tom had his friend over I had them move the hutch from the computer room into the dining room which already has it's own hutch.

I am not sure what I am going to do in there, but I do know that I am not moving any more furniture around until I finish cleaning, and that might take a while!  I hate doing "extra" things if the cleaning isn't done, and rearranging is considered extra in my book.

You can tell how eager I am to do these things since I am instead on the computer typing a blog post, which is by far my most enjoyable thing to do when procrastinating.  In reality, I am mentally planning where the final two pieces are going to go in my Art Show and what I am going to move where in my house, so even though my body is idle my brain is still working out the finer points of what I have left to do.

I still have ten more artists works to get back to them and am tired of checking my email to no responses.  Since I have company coming into town (2 sets) beginning tomorrow and just realized that last night (hence the mad scramble to get the house in order) and am out of town Thursday to see my Neurosurgeon I am spread pretty thin.

My friend Laura is coming to town and I will finally be meeting her husband.  I don't worry about Laura, she is used to my piles of clutter and a few dust bunnies, but Jim might not understand my busy life and lack of time to clean.

I got put on the "Friend" list with the guy I was dating which is kind of a relief.  Although I liked doing things with him and kissing him in the moonlight I just don't think I am as prepared as I thought I was to date anyone seriously.

Part of the fun of doing things with acquaintances is that there is no pressure.  I still need to try to better understand this dating stuff a little more before I get too serious about doing it.  Besides, I am not that interested in a relationship (even though it is what I want more than anything as a long term goal) I just don't have time or desire right now.

I have a few other more important things to focus on like medical and education possibly.  I think I do want to go back to school, and I am researching my plan A and plan B for when the other shoe drops like I fear it is.  I would say it is about mid way to my knees and almost hitting the floor, since the shoe was not dropped from my hand I don't know how much time I have left, so I need to be prepared and react like the lady I am when and if it hits the floor.

Cryptic aren't I?  Well, I have to be for the time being.  I have an active imagination at time and I hope it is working over time but I am also somewhat precognitive and sense some things before they actually happen and have a strong sense that there is more going on than I am privy too.  Time will tell and then I will let you know if I manage to control myself properly.

Feels like it is time to get my trusty mop working again.  Until later - the phone is ringing and I have to go back to work!

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