Saturday, September 12, 2015


I think I am going to name this week Nap Week.  I do not know what is going on to necessitate all of these naps which have been overtaking my days - yesterday I napped three times in one day and still slept pretty good during the evening.

Today, I had every intention of just lying down - I went so far as to put on Oliver Twist - good story - very old - silent in fact, except for the music which lulled me into nap time!  Prior to that I had every intention of throwing our last chunk of pork roast in the oven since it was so early.

Waking up at 7:00 p.m. and it was far too late for that.  I set Tom to work on the last two burgers instead and turned on the oil to cook some fried dough to accompany the burgers.  The knock on the door startled both Tom and I.

Since there are few people who come to the house without a call, I knew it was someone who I would enjoy seeing.  Before I even reached the door Cynthia was saying hello and announcing her presence, along with her son Chad - two of my favorite people!

We have all been busy doing our various activities.  Chad and Cindy both working hard and trying to survive with less of a struggle.  It was good to see them and Tom and I managed to eat and visit without being too impolite about it - they are almost family so it wasn't too difficult!

So now I am typing away, drinking a tea while Tom is cranking out the tunes and playing some video game.  We have been immersed in a new find on Netflix - Tom is proud of himself since he found it in five minutes instead of his usual 20 minute look around which drives me insane!

The show is "Revolution" and the basic plot is the world with no electricity for 15 years and how it affects society.  It is very well written and fast paced.  The characters are strong and the plot is not predictable like some are.

Life is pretty mellow these days.  I hardly know what to do with myself at this slow pace.  I have been on overdrive for so long it isn't funny.  I have plenty to do, but the naps are so much more enjoyable, especially if they are not keeping me up all night.

I have to bring my Dad out in the morning to get some veggies at the Market.  In my head I have a day filled with rearranging and getting super organized.  I am sure that it will turn into a fantasy, but you never know.

In reality, I have a better shot of starting my plan of action right this minute and being done with it before I go to sleep tonight, but that just isn't going to happen either I have a feeling.  I have a slow week ahead of me and maybe it will rain which will give me no choice.

I had a trip to Northampton to see a new doctor and had no idea what to expect.  I arrived an hour early, scoped it out and drove to the Cafe where I used to have tea and had tea.  I think I need to find a different place to have tea in Northampton next time.

I only had 20 minutes so I drove back to where the doctors was.  There was some really good digital art in the lobby and up the hallways as well.  I couldn't resist giving my card to the receptionist to pass along, since all of the artists were local to Northampton and unmarked I can only keep my fingers crossed that I will discover who the artists are.

The new doctor took my history, did some pin pricking and sensitivity tests, checked me over thoroughly for tender spots and had no idea, but recommended a cortisone injection to see if that alleviates the numbness in my arm.

On the ride home I discovered that my arm was indeed not numb as it had been for the previous year, but my neck all of the sudden was screaming holy hell at me.  Life is a trade off I guess, cover up one pain and another pain rises to the surface.

I did stop on my way home in this cool cemetery which had a bunch of statues and took some pictures.  As I got in my car I mentally noted that not one of them were angels.  As I was driving to find the exit I found one!!

I love religious sculptures and this cemetery had a very nice selection.  There is so much emotion, pain, sorrow and anguish and love.

The sky was so blue and the clouds were an amazing array of white puffiness with the hint of a possible shower, which was alright by me!

I enjoyed the time relaxing taking photos and needed to get home as well.  I remembered the construction I had encountered along a ten mile stretch so made my way to the car and up the road.

I was thinking as I drove past a couple of stores, that I should stop and get a drink in case I get stuck waiting at the construction sites, but kept driving.

I noticed the pavement was wet and began to hope that I could make it home pretty quick - knowing that blacktop and rain do not mix.  I passed the first construction area and the only workers were the ones picking up the signs!

It was smooth sailing all the way home!  I was feeling pretty good when I got home, but in need of a tea.  It was too early to start dinner, especially in my house since Tom doesn't wake up until dinner time and not too hungry when he does wake up.

I decided that I felt like cooking, so I made a sauce of the marinara kind.  I had purchased some sausage and hamburger and a green pepper so I sauteed my garlic and onions with the pepper and then the meat with some extra spices thrown in for good measure.

Sauce is always better the second day, as long as there is some left!  Of course I was cooking it for the next day, but Thomas stays up later than I do and I noticed he had done a fair amount of sampling by the next evening when I heated it up for dinner.

I haven't made sauce in a while.  As Thomas pointed out so politely the other day, I have not cooked too much in a while.  I know when I stopped cooking, but it wasn't really a conscious choice, it just sort of happened.

I forgot how much I liked to chop and simmer and saute and smell and taste.  It didn't even throw me off too much when I overloaded the red pepper - so much that even Thomas noted it, and at dinner when we finally ate it we laughed about how many times we opened the wrong side of the spice containers and had too much spice and had to figure out how to "fix" a dish.

My middle son's birthday is coming up and I am getting prepared to have a little family meal to celebrate.  I asked him what he would like and he didn't say no to a birthday dinner - in fact, and I could have guessed it - he requested Roast Beef, which is an all time favourite in our house, but a very rare treat.

Ainsley, my sweet grand-daughter phoned me the other day excited to share the news that she is going to be learning the Violin!  I loved the excitement in her voice!  She also made plans for next weekend to sleep over, since she is tied up with her first sleepover at her cousins new apartment now that they have settled in!  I for one can use a girl sleep over with my Monkey Girl.  It has been a while since it was just she and I.

On that note I am off.  My head needs to find a pillow and rest these weary bones.  I know tomorrow will be here before I am ready for it!

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