Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Driving down a country lane absorbing all I see
The sky is one sheet of solid cloud with a little touch of grey
I continue up the road loving just to be
among the greens so green and maples which pave  my way

How nice it is to be in this place on such a perfect day
The air is cooling, the leaves are touched with color
A little yellow, a little red I watch the leaves dance above my head

Watching how they float on down, dancing all the way
How I wish I could sit on this country lane all day
I continue up the way, what do I see?
A chipmunk scurries by
a beautiful mountain landscape catches my eye

Still further up the road I roam
Blessed to live in such a home
with so much beauty here and there
The crisp scent of Autumn is in the air

Though I dread the cold and snow
There is no other place I would rather go
Than in these Hills so vast
with such a strong connection to my past.

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