Monday, September 21, 2015


Where is my heart?
I can feel it beat inside my chest, pumping blood, doing it's best.
I know it survived and can be revived.

Where is the passion that filled my soul?
Has it grown wings and flown?
How do I locate what was once so dear to me?
Will I find it again?
I cannot breathe!

Why do these thoughts choke out my spirit?
Can I figure out the reason and cure it?
Like thick, thorny vines they rip me apart-
could that be the pain I feel in my heart?

Darkness is what is in front of me
Bring me a candle so I can see.
It was once so bright and full of color
where has the light gone I wonder?

Gentle rain that falls from the sky
Cover the tears which fall from my eyes.
Cleanse my spirit, cleanse my soul
Make me once again whole!

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