Wednesday, September 9, 2015


I, as usual have had a pretty interesting week. I am not even sure where I last left off  and have to admit I just had to look back.  So much has happened.  The Art Opening at the Whit where I am pleased to say all of the Artists were happy with my latest layout and display of their works.

I once again surprised myself by working withing the "theme" aspect of the Shows at the Whitney Center for the Arts.  This latest one was a couples themed art show since there is to be some sort of wedding party booked and I decided that a couples art show would be just the ticket for some diversity of work.

I got diversity.  Everything from Abstract Oils, Colored Pencil, Mixed Media College, Oil Land capes, Watercolor Landscapes, and oil Seascapes. Each artist's work as diverse from each other as the couples were.

As usual I questioned what was going through my mind and wondered whether I would be able to pull it off.  I didn't group each couples work next to each other and someone suggested I have a contest to see who could guess who was with whom, but that was an idea not thought up in enough time to pull off.

I worry for nothing each and every time so far, knock on wood!  The show was well attended and Paul Hergenrother brought me flowers and a card thanking me, the card from one of the pieces in the show, which I will frame and treasure as a reminder of the fun I have doing these art shows.

GALLERY W -Right inside door and around the gallery.

COLT GALLERY Left of door and around room

Friday was a great evening!  It was so much fun sharing some great art with some great art appreciators!  I know all of the artists had a great time and I appreciate Morris Bennett, Anne Roland, Anne Pasko, Walt Pasko, Paul Hergenrother and Rob Martin for participating in my September "Partners In Art" Art Show at the Whitney Center for the Arts -

Can you tell who's with who?  Bet you can't - cheating allowed and one of the reasons I did not mark the pictures with the Artists names and titles (one of my pet peeves is unmarked art !)   I will update in a week and you can see if you guessed correctly - post your responses in the comments if you dare!  

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