Sunday, September 20, 2015


Picture if you can a red balloon - 
floating in the sky, getting rather high
   Soaring above your head, bouncing and carefree. 

Imagine how it feels to rise 
 passing above trees and mountain peaks, 
soaring ever higher in the jet stream 
so far in the sky that you can no longer see,

How do you feel as you watch the balloon sail 
high above your head bright red?
   Do you feel light and free, 
riding on that breeze, 
high above the trees, 

Can you imagine the view?  
Climbing as you do,
 higher than the mountain tops 
See the people?  See the trees?  

The cars buzz around the roads like bees. 
What a dizzying height!
 they are ants, 
strain as you might.

How wondrous and carefree would it be?
 to be a balloon floating free 
in a sky of blue.
The clouds like fluffy cotton
 all around you!  

Can you imagine? 
 Can you see?
 How wondrous it could be?

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