Sunday, September 20, 2015


"Eyes on Tango" do you read?  The voice was frantic, "Incoming, Incoming!!!" "Positions everyone, get ready!!!"

Troops took position as the giant entered the zone.  Some waited in place, others flew around, trying to distract and intimidate.

The giant placed a bottle in the zone - it smelled good - some of the troops were drawn into the trap, others had a worse fate in store as they hovered on the mirror, only sign of life was their movement -

Taking stock the giant decided to help and took up arms.  Suddenly a big white envelope smashed down and took out a platoon - "Take that!" said the giant,  a majority of enemy combatants would fly no more..  Still, the remaining soldiers swarmed and flew at the giant.

The giant retreated, knowing the "bomb" would do the rest. "Those little buggers sure were pests!"  and went to take a rest.

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