Monday, January 14, 2013


So among the worries in my own family today, it is also the day for my false friend Jennet to come clean and dump me as a friend over facebook  I can just say that this is a relief to me.  She has crawled up under my skin with her whining and self centered attitude and her snide little remarks for a few months now.  Not liking it when I choose not to spend time with her or return her one phone call or her Facebook message before she left town, which I just became aware of from her message because she is not a true friend.

Nice way to do it!

"I have treied to call and have messaged you but you don't respond. Apparently you have decided to end our friendship. I am sorry you feel this way but we all need to do what is best for us. I do need to get my grill and you need to repay the $50 I loaned you. Let me know when it is good for me to stop by and take care of this. I'll be back in town Tuesday. Take care."

I had been trying to decide what to do when the decision was made for me.  That is good.  Avoiding her remarks and trying not to say anything back has been difficult and upsetting to me.  One can only hope that all of the things she whined about she will address.  I hope her hangover is nice this morning and the worry of her stuff on my porch in my "low class" neighborhood bothers her.

When it rains it pours!!!

So I guess I have to rearrange my kitchen and living room to make a shelf available for my canned goods I have stored under her table she let me Borrow.   More work.  I cannot say I am not surprised.  The sun is just starting to rise, it seems I now have a project while I wait for doctors to arrive to their offices.  Can anyone say adjoining rooms???

If I can make it through this I guess I will be able to make it through anything.  Was tired of her trolling my facebook, AND DELETING INAPPROPRIATE REMARKS which I have been avoiding anyway, (facebook) to find out what I have been doing.  Can you say stalker?  Life is too short and I have to many bigger worries.

It has been a unique experience seeing first hand the way a spoiled little rich girl acts when she does not get her way!  I never understood people who think that when you try to buy a person, it doesn't make them your friend, it makes you a sucker.  Fortunately I am not one she tried to buy.  She will learn the hard way!

The stories were funny and she was a good laugh to be around.  The airs she put on were amazing and while I knew that we were never really close friends, (although she said we were like sisters) I was just a convenience for her to come bail her out when she needed help, and to listen to her tell me how wrong every event that we were involved in was wrong and how she could do everything better (while doing the least amount of work).

I hope that she doesn't trash me too much, but what else should one expect from a catty two faced lovely friend?  What a bummer!

Oh well, this is more like it anyway!  I was wondering when my life would get back to normal.  The clock struck twelve and the carriage turned back into a pumpkin!  I wonder what is next?

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