Saturday, January 12, 2013


As I sit here drinking tea and evaluating my day, I realize I have so much to do that I do not want to do!  I am caught up on housework - dishes and laundry, but my dining room is still buried in decorations I am reluctant to put away - storage containers have been out for two days, awaiting the decorations and the end to this holiday season!

I have re-potted the plants I received as gifts, a beautiful spider plant and a jade plant who are both doing much better than three out of four of my mini roses.  I am disappointed with the health of my oldest mini rose plant, which isn't so mini anymore, but which lived too long in the mold infested apartment I vacated in May of last year.  It seems that no amount of fresh air, sunlight or chemicals are going to knock it out - but it is growing new shoots!  I miss my year round roses it produced for me for the previous 5 years though!

I am a freak about my roses!  Having had words with the squirrel that my neighbor feeds for digging a huge hole in the plant and breaking off precious branches!  That squirrel may end up in a soup pot yet, but I do not think I would ever be able to eat it!  We have an ongoing battle, can't wait for spring when we continue or daily back and forth - with the squirrel trying to intimidate me by almost jumping on my lap on more than one occasion - not cool before my first cup of tea!

A friend of mine has a squirrel which comes in through the window for peanuts!  He will throw down three peanuts and the creature comes in, retrieves one and eats it or stashes it outside, taking count before he leaves and coming back for more!  One of the funniest things I have ever seen - I need to learn from this - although, I do joke with my friend that the squirrel will have its own recliner, bathrobe, slippers and t.v. controller before the winter is over!

As I am ahead of the game, as far as organization goes, and feeling more settled everyday I have also begun my joy of crafting.  I am currently doing some needlepoint - a cute little snowman, and recently found another project I started more than ten years past with some pretty goldfish in a bowl, I am finding it a bit difficult to complete as my eyes are wearing out on me!

I also recently took out a blanket which I have been crocheting for myself.  I always do things for myself and end up giving them away as gifts to others, but this time I am going to keep it!  I have not been able to do work on that in a couple of years and it took me two days to find any crochet hook - which is odd as I have about ten of them at least!

Of course before I can legitimately start wasting my time on these personal projects, I still have to put away Christmas and re-arrange the living room again!  That in itself will be fun, but I do not have a picture in my head yet of how it should go.  ( I have had my living room three different ways since May!)  It is a process!
My friend Laurie, who crochets from beginning to end more projects in a week than I do in ten years has also found a pattern for my difficult dining room windows which I am happy about AND she probably has them half finished by now and I just gave her measurements two days ago!  Jealous I am not!  Awed is more like it!

With all of these plans and goals and hopes and dreams for my pending future, I am finding it really easy to just sit and play on the computer and do nothing necessary!  One more cup of tea, a kick in the pants and I will  be starting with the "have to do" list - beginning with the dining room!

Have a great Saturday people whether you are making your list or crossing things off of your list!

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  1. My dear Jennifer, spending time on personal projects is never a "waste of time." It is called preventative medicine. You are your number one priority.