Tuesday, January 8, 2013


This has been floating around "Facebook" for a couple of days.  Being a reader - yet not familiar with the classics as much as I should be - I find this quote very interesting.  It has made me think which is what the man intended I am sure.

I have been fooled both ways over my 46 years.  Fooled on so many levels and being the biggest fool ever it has taken me years to stop believing the lies that other people spout for one reason or another, and longer to accept what is true - instead of accepting with my own eyes and brain what is right before me!

Everyone tells lies.  On Family Feud last night one of the questions was "How many Children lie"  it was during the final money round and one of the contestants said 50% and the other said 40% - out of the 100 people polled the answer was 100%!  What a trip!  I am sure, in face of getting into trouble for some such mishap, a child would lie for fear of the inevitable punishment, what was funny to me was that everyone in  my house watching was saying 100% and you could tell the contestants also wanted to say that but did not feel right about saying it aloud on National television!

It is the motivation behind the lies that is curious to me.  I have lied during my lifetime, mostly to myself regarding the reality of the situations which I had found myself in.  Never have I told a vicious lie intended to hurt anyone and mostly I lied because to face the truth in many of these situations would have killed me inside, more than the situations did!

I recently had the opportunity to stop refusing to accept a truth.  I believed that a man loved me, yet circumstances beyond his control, due to another controlling person was what kept us apart for so many years and that he did truly love me regardless of his behavior.

My motivation in not accepting the truth was love.  My love was pure and I thought deep down inside his was as well.  It has been a bitter pill to swallow as the only love this man has is for himself and the only thing that motivates this person is manipulation and greed and control.

Although the truth was hard to accept, finally I have accepted it.  That does not mean I am free of it.  I will always love this man, but a different kind of love.  More like pity and sorrow for a lost soul whom I will pray for.

I find it difficult to accept those who claim to know someone, yet they can hear a lie about someone and accept it as truth regardless as to what they know of that person.  When my grandfather died, my father's family - great believers that just because someone says something it is the truth regardless of facts, my Aunts sister came up to me and said "I will remember when you were nice when you were little"  believing the untruths of a psychotic person in stead of questioning it - believed it, along with a very special Uncle and Aunt, which kind of broke my heart into a million pieces.

What defense does one have when they are and have been slandered by the untruths of another?  I find it amusing to some degree.  I would love to hear all of the fantastic un-truths (my reality was exciting but not THAT exciting!)  I am sure they are amazing and would make a great book in the fantasy world!

So believe what you will, say what you will, accept what you will!  But who is the bigger fool?  The one who has fooled or the one who has fooled the fool?

Live in love, live in truth and accept your reality!  Be true to yourself because you are the only one that ultimately matters and those fools that fool the fool have their lies and lies are built out of hate and envy.

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