Wednesday, January 2, 2013


What a challenge it was getting through the final days of 2012!  The incredible pain in my mouth, deciding what to do - call and get it fixed - wait it out - decisions, decisions!!!  Well, it wasn't that difficult after the night that I had on Sunday up until the wee hours of the morning - finally falling asleep around 5 a.m. only to awaken a few hours later - with no doubt about calling the dentist, waiting out their lunch hour and heading up there.

Of course, as I made a wise decision regardless of the outcome to obtain medical care, as I was sitting with my friends awaiting my dreaded appointment, one of my lenses dropped out of my glasses ( not unusual - if it isn't one thing it is another), of course it could not be the screw, the frame just broke.  Lacking ample crazy glue we brainstormed and got a temporary working frame (at least short term)!  When it rains it pours in my world - but it also gave me something to keep my brain busy during the last hour of waiting!

Dave transported myself and Sunday to the dentist so that I wouldn't catch cold, and persuading Sunday to stay with me probably so I did not bail - not that I would have!  I bet she was happy to have gotten out of work early to sit in the dental clinic with me for an hour!

I had a different dentist this time.  Sam was very nice and called me dear and when he figured out which of the four problem teeth were causing the major distress he determined which two he would "rip out of my face" - my term, he preferred gently removing the offending teeth, which he did with gentle kindness.  Thank god for Sam!!!

After an hour he released me from his chair and I proceeded - mouth full of gauze to Sunday's house where her magic glue gun quickly temporarily repaired my glasses for my next delight - optometrist!   I guess this year is a medical year by the looks of it, more by necessity than desire, but the universe knows what push I need to get things done!

We lucked out and a friend was at the store when she purchased her coffee for the walk to my house, my friend gave us a ride to my abode and was thanked and we went in and sat down, me in relief, yet the pain was pretty intense, constant, unlike the previous problem which was random and intermittent.

My son Patrick called and persuaded Tom, Sunday and myself to take a ride with him.  Something I love to do, but I wasn't quite up to it but I hate to disappoint the children so I did go for an enjoyable ride through Richmond and down memory lane passing the house I grew up in, the old neighborhood and surprisingly enough he pointed out the house we lived in with Dave when we went past even though his memories were not quite as pleasant there as mine until they weren't!

When Pat finally let me return home, he left, and we went inside and watched some t.v. until Sunday had to go to her big New Years party.  Tom was hungry by that time so he ordered some Chinese food with the last of his holiday cash and bought me some won ton soup - a natural remedy for all that ails you in my mind.

By 10:00 we were in my room watching a very funny "Going Postal" by Terry Pratchett on Netflix.  I had read the book and was unaware there was a two part movie on it.  Of course I fell asleep long before it was over, waking up briefly just before midnight and dozing to wake up just after midnight to wish him a Happy New Year!

New Years Day was a sleep in day.  Waking up in swollen pain, but tolerable with medication.  I spent the day napping.  I never nap, but I have learned through my recovery with my neck problem to listen to the signals my body was giving off and they were saying - fool, stay in bed, rest and recover.

"What Dreams May Come" happened to come on t.v. which is odd, we were talking about that movie twice last week....  One of my favorites, love the concept of life, heaven, family and LOVE!  I watched with Tom for an hour, until he went to kill people in his video game and I dozed on and off through the end of it.

I went downstairs to make a tea and pretend to surface.  Not really feeling it, I was headed back upstairs when there was a knock at the door.  No one but Sunday randomly arrives at my house, rules are rules and that is one of mine.  I was mildly surprised when my friend who gave us a ride the day before was on the other side.

Perfect timing, although I was un-showered and still in pajamas.  Oh well, such is life!  My friend Ned has been a family friend for my entire life so he could deal with it and he graciously gave me a ride to the store for some supplies.  My friend Mike had told me earlier that the temps were in single digits, so I was not in a hurry to walk - it was surprisingly warm out though, but the ride was nice.

We returned home and Sunday did show up.  Ned left and Tom and Sunday and I hung out until Tom went to kill more people and Sunday proceeded to kick my ass in WII tennis.  I blame the medicine.  I am ready to beat her next time.  I did practice after she left -

Tom and I boycotted dinner for jello and rice.  It works if it works, and it worked.  We went to watch the second part of "Going Postal", and I did not fall asleep until the very end of it.  I miss more shows that way!!!

Today is another day and I have to leave to go see Dr. Tosk and his magic water table.  So I am off for now!  Have a great day and a happy New Year!

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