Saturday, January 5, 2013


Today I had the amazing experience of helping move a boutique.  It is much different from moving a houseful of furniture, and the racks of clothing were by far easier than boxes of things!  I offered to help and was asked if I knew of any male help for the furniture and fixtures so I rallied my son's friends and found my faithful "son" Taylor who has help on my many moves since leaving New Ashford in 2008 without complaint and with his massive strength and easy going demeanor were both an asset on this day!

As I was recovering from my dental surgery this week and never really recovered, this was both something I looked forward to and also dreaded at the same time.  Being a person of my word is important.

Everyone pulled together unloading and moving things from the truck into the lobby where the small elevator was filled and unloaded to the second floor and brought through a wondrous maze of beautiful architecture - still visible despite remodeling.

Mannequins, shelving, cabinets, boxes and odds and ends filled the second load, and a new recruitment as Taylor persuaded my son Tom who never leaves the house due to an anxiety condition to come and help move the remaining heavy things that I would have no ability whatsoever to handle.  I would not be typing this if I had.

One of the most amazing things I got to enjoy today was a very old wooden rotating door in the side lobby while unloading a car full of boxes and bags!  The two floors we hiked up and down were worth the experience of walking through that amazing piece of history!

If you cannot tell, I am a freak about architecture and antiques.  Old wood, large rooms, chandeliers, stairways - beauty does not just come from nature.  I am a fan of it all!  I cannot get enough of it and to find this gem in my very own city, hiding in that unused lobby, not even used as a doorway makes me want to find out when that building is open and walk through it no less than once a month!

My son is dead to the world after all that work today.  Napping away.  I am thankful so thankful that he was able to pull it together and come to our aid!  I still have the opportunity to go and hear a great blues band this evening and I am looking forward to it.  I just hope that my body agrees with my brain!  We shall see when the time comes!

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