Sunday, January 13, 2013


One thing that I love about my life is that it is so random.  I never know what is going to happen in a given day, who I am going to see, what I am going to do.  Last night was one of those nights!

While watching some pre-dinner catch up so we would be ready for the premiere of Shameless this Sunday evening, Thomas and I watched an episode and then I marinated the Chicken in some Lemongrass for an hour.

 I have never made this recipe or worked with Lemongrass before.  I remember how good it was when my Stepfather Joe used to make it though!  I gathered my ingredients and chopped what needed to be chopped, mixed it all together and marinaded for over an hour.  I will admit that I may have gone a little heavy on the lemongrass as the recipe called for 3 or 4 stalks of chopped lemongrass and mine was chopped and frozen, so I just cut some off and thawed it.

Having no minute rice, I was more concerned about not making sticky rice than anything else in the whole dish.  The rice came out perfect I am happy to say.  The Chicken with Lemongrass while it was too strong for Tom, was good to me with some soy sauce on it, delicious!

Patrick's Dad, Bruce phoned before this to chat with Thomas and touch bases with us.  Next week he has a major operation which he postponed last month due to defective equipment, so Wednesday is fast approaching!  Patrick and I chatted and he said he might come can never tell with Patrick what he is going to do, so I was very happy when he and his best friend showed up, followed by the arrival of our newest family member Sunday.

Al, his twin sister and I share a birthday, and I have not seen him since my impromptu birthday feast I prepared and shared with my amazing friends who showed up to celebrate my day.  Patrick likes to joke around and as he was "demanding" a plate of  chicken to try, he was also saying that Al said I was a bad cook, which is a total joke, as Al loves just about everything I make - he just doesn't eat enough - skinny post-teenagers!!!

Patrick did like the Chicken with Lemongrass and he even got Al to try a bite of it and Al also liked it!!!!  Tom has always been my pickiest eater, having to smell everything and go by that regardless of anything else since he was a baby he has been like this!!!

We hung around talking and laughing.  It was great!  At one point in the evening, Patrick challenged Sunday and Thomas to an arm wrestling match two against one.  It was very fun and funny to watch.  I do have video, which I took with my cool new little camera, which you can feel free to enjoy yourself if you would like!

The night ended way too soon, with Thomas actually leaving the house for the first time in months to go hang out with Bruce and Patrick at their house.  Sunday hung out with me and we watched some challenge show on MTV which totally crack me up!  I love them!  They are one of my new addictions, and I would participate if my neck were not all screwed up, but those days are gone, long gone!

We played some cards and had a fun girl night, missing the boys not at all, but happy and content from the evening!  I made an executive decision to walk Sunday home so I could go to the store and have a relaxing morning in without having to rush out for supplies when I got up, having no tobacco in the house.

I do have to pack up the decorations right after this (yes, I made Chicken with Lemongrass instead of doing my packing)!  Grateful I do not have to get out of my p.j.'s until I want to today, if at all.  I slept in until 9 - just as I predicted; to me 9 isn't really sleeping in - I used to sleep in until no less than 11 or noon depending on if there were people in the house when I was growing up, and if I heard voices, I would just roll over and go back to sleep - one of the drawbacks of having kids - having to rise and shine at whatever pre-noon hour they got up!!!

So with a huge list ahead of me (not really) and a totally empty and quiet house I write my blog, drink my tea and prepare!  I have to be awake enough not to drop and break any thing which may be a challenge in itself as my left arm has not been co-operating since last Saturday when we moved that store!  If I complete this goal today I will not only feel better about finishing it, I will be one step closer to re-arranging my living room!

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