Friday, January 4, 2013


I have been having a very unusual week here.  The dentist and teeth removal have really taken it's toll.  I am not used to feeling like I have been run over by a truck!  I figured I would have bounced back by now and back to normal, yet, it is Friday and I just want to sleep!  I guess I have been on a roller coaster of activity since the middle of December!

I made it through my normal Friday routine, picking up my food from the food pantry, which thankfully, the cold wasn't as cold by the pond where I go as it could have been, the sun shone brightly and the wind was not too bad!

I am looking forward to a special treat - for me anyway, which is leg of lamb, yummy!  My kids hate it, but that is fine with me!  I can't afford it so being given one is like super awesome!  It is in the freezer for when I can truly appreciate it!  My Gramma Fields used to cook leg of lamb at Easter and I will be thinking of her as I cook and enjoy the wonderful gift I have received!

On Wednesday I had my Chiropractor, which brought good news, one more week of every two weeks then we are going to stretch it to every three weeks.   He has stabilized my situation with my neck to the best of his ability and the rest is exercise and strengthening.

I was delighted to "finish" Christmas the other day with +Sunday Brunch and my two boys exchanging gifts finally!!!  I was so very surprised when my son and I received a camera, so now I can document with my own pictures!  Yeah!!!  My son Patrick was happy to receive some "Angry Bird" pajamas, which is his new favorite video game.

Last night we celebrated Sunday's birthday, which is on the twelfth day of Christmas, I was happy to celebrate early, she is a vegetarian and the homemade mac and cheese she requested was better than the one I made for her in November and it was the first real food I have enjoyed all week which wasn't jello or tea!  It is nice to have a young woman around who understands my kids better than I do and who can say to me, Jen, why are you even listening to Tom - lol!  She is a good person who puts things into perspective for me!

I have had a few interesting occurrences with people, random people, not my family or friends which will take some time to watch and wait and see what happens.  Confused in some respects and puzzled by human nature - what else is new!

On a more positive note, I am less concerned about what my son is going through.  All I can do is be there if he needs me and let him know how much I value and need him.  It has been nice spending one on one quality time with him and just being there with him seems to help him.  When boys grow up into men they are still boys.  They will always be my babies no matter how grown they get and I will never turn my backs on them. How could a parent ever consider not being a parent?  Lifetime commitment as far as I am concerned!

I have gotten some amazing feedback and support through my blog.  I have been taken aback by that!  I am not used to positive feedback or words of encouragement from friends and strangers alike!  My children still refuse to read my words, but one day they may!

My friend +Mike Pezzo did me the great service of printing out all of my blog posts last week for a surprise for me!  I am blessed to have such an awesome friend in my life!  I cannot wait to sit and read my words and see where I have been and  tie up loose ends and perhaps find a direction.

I thank you all for being there for me in your various and wonderful ways!  My cup seems to be empty this week so I am loving those of you who renew my strength and energy!  I hope you all bear with me as I recover!  I cannot believe how wiped I am!

Have an amazing weekend!  Thank you for filling my cup!


  1. I am glad you are still looking on the positive side of things ! :-) And I am sure everythign will be looking better as you heal more and more each day. Enjoy that Leg of Lamb when you can, and yes I am sure as your children grow older they will read your words and get enjoyment and understnading out of them :-) . Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing part of your life with us I find it very fullfilling and joyfull.

  2. nothing but affection for you pretty lady