Saturday, November 23, 2013


Busy day preparing for my sleepover.  Making my list and checking it twice ~ noticing oops I need some more sugar if we are baking cookies (which was at the top of the list), necessitating a walk to the store which of course was as far away as it could possibly be!

No problem, I took a break from my last minute touches on the house and prepared to make my way up the road.  It was a nice day ~ not sunny ~ the clouds were grey and plentiful but the temperature was not too bad and there was no wind so I made my way slowly, enjoying the walk down main street.

I had plenty of time to spare and I was quite proud of what I had accomplished ~ amazed at how many clothes were actually piled up that needed to be hung in the closet and put in the dressers considering I haven't really been anywhere in a while, that alone made a huge difference in my room ~ which is the new landing spot as opposed to the dining room.

I had braved my son's room and put away his load of laundry and stole his sheets and blankets, replacing the old with fresh and clean ones.  Tidying up the room ~ the new home of the exercise bike, which my granddaughter likes to ride even though she is a twig and can't reach the handlebars when they are away from her so she rides with no hands and the seat all of the way down.

I had until 4:00 to put the roast in the oven, planning on dinner for 6 ish.  My son said he would phone after he got home from work.  I was sitting around trying to figure out a game my son got for the PS4 with flowers of all things ~ trying to be patient.

When I tried to phone him the phone went right to voicemail because he was trying to call me at the same time which was funny and the second that has happened to me this week.  He said "Ains wants to talk to you" and for a second I thought she had a better offer ~ but she got on the phone and said "I'll be there soon" excitedly!

Her Mom said she had been asking since 3:30 if it was time yet!  I knew how she felt and there is not a better feeling in the world.  Although it is 2:00 in the morning as I write this ~ I am radiating with love and happiness and have the hugest smile on my face.

About an hour ago I was in the living room and my granddaughter came down with a big smile on her face ~ sleepwalking and laid down on the couch and curled up with the pillows my grandmother made for me 20 years ago, I asked her if she had to use the bathroom and carried her upstairs to bed and laid her down ~ she sat up and said " I have to use the bathroom and ran downstairs!  Silly goose!

I tucked her back in, she had a huge smile on her face as I looked down at her curled up with my Gram's pillow in the middle of my bed ~ already back to sleep.  I kissed her and told her I would be up soon.  She is definitely a godsend to me.

We had our dinner and baked our cookies ~ everyone pitching in stirring.  Ainsley had it all the way up to the flour and then she enlisted Thomas for the first cup of flour and he stirred for a minute and suddenly I was the only one left in the room.

I whipped in the flour and suddenly it was time to add the chips and everyone was back again ~ Tom opening the bag and Ainsley pouring the chips in and both of them walking away with a handful of chips to test them out.

Ains and I got the dough on the sheets and I put them in the oven and set the timer.  Earlier at dinner I had checked out what was necessary to plant that bulb and found a cool compressed disc which you added water to in a 2 quart container and do make sure the container is big enough!

I did not realize how quickly it was going to expand and before my eyes and before I could get Ainsley over to witness this sight~ it was 5 inches tall and that was only half of the water!  Very cool in my estimation.  It need 15 minutes to hydrate so it did it's thing while we were eating.

While the cookies were baking I decided that it would be a good time to plant our bulb and we set to work adding the soil to the pot and placing the bulb and finally watering it.  Ains utilized the leftover soil by adding it to my spider plant and my avocado tree and that was that.

When the cookies were done we took a short walk down the end of my street and checked out the lake.  Of course Ains spotted the ducks on the water even though they were specks in the fading light.  The path is pretty nice they are putting in.  I can't wait to see it when it is finished.

Thomas gave Ains a piggy back ride home and we had a cold drink and the two of them played some computer game while I sorted out the kitchen and decided it was pajama time ~ this time up in my room.  Thomas is a bit of a distraction for Ainsley ~ she likes to play so I put on Willie Wonka ~ the original one, which she has never seen.

She got a kick out of it and we will have to watch it from the beginning sometime.  It is one of my favourite movies from my childhood ~ a must see and I think a classic for sure.  She still wasn't out so I opted for "Bringing Up Baby" which is also a favourite and definitely a classic and she was soon asleep (Thomas woke her up once when he came up to see how I was doing).

As you can tell, I have not been disappointed ~ the anticipation was not a letdown for either of us.  I dread the teenage years when she ventures out on her way with girlfriends instead of Gramma's.  I hope she remembers me when...

I have plenty of time to worry about that, although time does pass quickly.  Speaking of which ~ the sun will be up in a while and so will the munchkin so I am off to dreamland ~ breakfast and painting in the morning.  It is her Uncle Nick's 17th birthday tomorrow so we have to plan dressing before the parents arrive in there somewhere as well.

I will catch you later ~ until when I hope your days are filled with just a smidgen of what I am feeling this day!  I am truly thankful.

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