Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Worst Nightmare ~ Writing Challenge # 5

My worst nightmare is a demon.  He came to me in the disguise of Love.  It wasn't until later ~ much later that he revealed himself to me clearly.
Once I realized ~ it was too late ~ I had sealed my fate.  I broke free of my nightmare yet it kept finding me.
I ran and hid ~ unaware that my nightmare was biding it's time ~ waiting to find a crevice to crawl through and back into my life.
The demon nightmare changed it's name and face and changed back to original form once more.
It found me once again in the light of day and made it's way back into my heart choking the life from my very soul.
Once again I cast the demon out ~  It stalked me endlessly.  I was woven into it's web til I clawed my way free.

Just thought I would share my other writing for the day ~ I should say that my second nightmare came true ~ I wrote a post and thought I had published it but it disappeared ~ so I had to re write from memory and the first was better but this one isn't too bad ~ what do you think?

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  1. It actually let me feel your fear. I don't like fear, demons, or nightmares.