Tuesday, November 19, 2013


With the lull in activity and the approaching winter I find myself once again in a very introspective state of being.  It is a bit early to be headed into "winter" mode mentally as it is known to be a very long wait for spring around here.

Over the past few days of recuperating, I have found a nice little winter project to begin.  It springs from a thing that I found out about a couple of years ago by chance but which I wanted to do this year ~ make a miniature Christmas Tree for the Auction to help out the local food pantries, but alas, I never saw any information on it and then the Trees were on display last month and it was too late to participate.

I am getting closer to next year however.  I have more information and will be researching just how to get my name on the list to participate.  I also have an awesome theme ~ which I will not be sharing here ~ sorry ~ but which will take me a while to implement as I am planning on creating all of the decorations myself.

The pictures I took do not do justice to these magnificent trees which people took an amazing amount of imagination and time creating!

I walked my Granddaughter up to see them when we had our "first" sleepover together and she liked them as well.  I am glad that we took the opportunity to do so as they were gone shortly thereafter much to my dismay!

To have an idea on a theme is a miracle for me and I have written it down and made a list and have a plan in my head which is half the battle ~ I can actually envision it ~ don't they say if you can see it you can be it or something along those lines?

I don't know if you have been noticing that I am a type A personality who is stuck in a much slower life at the moment than I can deal with.  That means I have too much spare time on my hands and I get bored very easily and also waste a lot of time with games and other nonsensical activities that really do nothing but make me really frustrated.

Doing the daily blog alleviated the boredom but lately I have been slacking from posting everyday. Sometimes I am just too busy and others I am just not finding anything interesting to share with the world and last but not least once in a while I get unsure about why I am even doing it at all and what compels people to read my words.

Still and all, I like to write.  I have been very happy lately to have a writing site which posts writing challenges which seem to be read by quite a few people and invoke discussions as well.  I am finding a sense of community amongst other writers and am one step closer to almost being okay with calling myself one. (A writer that is!)

Since my "program director" went on vacation I think the spot has been vacated and with the cooler weather and my inability to motivate myself out of my pajamas let alone out the door ~ having chosen to waste the day watching reruns of "Dark Shadows" instead of taking a shower and attending the meeting at 5:30 and the Reading at 7:30 this evening.

I did try to get my brain in the right gear to participate but alas ~ the nap between 4 and 5 just seemed more important and necessary!  I think I am using the guilt of not motivating to write this blog just so that I feel productive today!

Tomorrow is another day and I will be working harder at getting out the door.  I do have an early meeting which unless it is raining I may just force myself up and into the shower and out the door without too much of a problem.  If there is a problem in the morning I will just clean my house in preparation for my granddaughter on Friday and it will be all good.

I am so stoked however, to have an idea for the Christmas Tree and the whole winter to do it!  See, non productive physically does not have to mean non productive mentally!  It is the first really good idea I have had in years!

Who knows maybe I will be able to utilize my introspection into a outline for a story ~ I did after all miss the writing challenge of writing a book in a month in November and you never know what December will bring! I look forward to pulling some of this closed off potential out of the closet of my brain that is for sure!

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