Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I was so motivated to get up early this morning and go to my early appointments.  Good thing they were not mandatory as when my alarm went off I just let it and listened to it four times try to wake me up with no success.  I did not even have the energy to raise my arm and disarm the darn thing!

So, I snuggled deeper under my blankets and caught another hours worth of sleep to wake refreshed.  I for one am not going to beat myself up over this.  Yes the sun is shining ~ no rain, no snow ~ just cold air, which I noticed when I brought my garbage outside for the garbage men - one of the reasons I HAD to get out of bed today.

I was checking my plants and pleased with the shooter coming off my Spider plant I received for Christmas last year ~ just a wee baby I grew it up and was jealous when I went to visit the friend whom I received it from to see his had multitudes of shoots coming off of all of his ~ jealous no more!

I was planning on doing a whole plant and flower blog but then I went to get my vacuum cleaner out of the cellar entry where I keep it just outside my kitchen when I noticed something which scared me and prompted me to phone my landlord.

The cellar is split in my house, I have the furnace and fuse box and washer and dryer and a few odds and ends I keep down there seasonally ~ air conditioners, outside chairs, flower pots, coolers, etc., you get the drift.  My neighbor doesn't have access from inside but there is a hatchway so she can get to her fuse box which is not in my cellar.

The door between my cellar and the vacant rest of the cellar was opened and my make shift lock (a board with a nail through it for less easy access was on the floor.  I grabbed the hammer and went to investigate, not noticing anything out of the ordinary when I brought the laundry down.

Still, I was freaked out, but maybe it was the landlord or one of his workers.  I called him ~ nope, no one has been in my cellar since I let the oil guy in last week and let him out and secured the cellar.  Creepy!  So I have yet again been told that a real lock will be put on the door finally!

My landlord also began with..."I have some bad news"  usually when I hear that I am out the door and looking for a new place ~ but this time it isn't me!  My wonderful noisy neighbors are leaving!!!!  I am so happy ~ the flop house is taking it on the road in January!

I have received an early birthday, X-mas and New Years Present all wrapped into one!  Now I just need to help locate a new tenant who respects others and who doesn't have pets.  Shouldn't be too difficult right?  I am glad I am not the landlord/property manager ~ but it was nice of him to let me know so I can keep my eyes and ears open for a nice couple or a single person to fit the bill!

So that is my day so far.  I have the laundry going and the vacuum cleaner out and ready to start where I left off last time and work my way through the downstairs.  Some more laundry to fold and put away and a quick vac of the upstairs and I am ready for my visit with my Granddaughter on Friday!

I am also needing to run out and do some errands ~ pick up some supplies for the rest of the week and do a bit more planning on how I can occupy my granddaughters time productively and memorably while we are visiting ~ chocolate chip cookies and the creation of might be in order!

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