Thursday, November 7, 2013


It has been a couple of days since I have written.  I am alive and well and not doing any destructive behaviour which in my life is always a good sign.  Not that I am naturally prone to destructive behaviour but I do develop somewhat of a "I don't give a fuck" attitude which is the total opposite of the lovely and happy world I like to occupy at all costs.

So I have been focusing on the positive ~ taking the good around me ~ the positive encounters in the world, the sun shining warmly down  upon me without a cold wind passing through me, quality time and laughter with my family ~ hearing my middle son laugh at himself and at me ~ priceless!

I could say it has been a struggle getting past my experience on Monday, but I have truly put it behind me ~ except for the safety factor.  I did have to leave my house today and to my delight I persuaded Thomas to leave the safety of our domain and travel out into the world with me.

Of course I bribed him with a late lunch since I had plans to be away at a class during the time we normally eat so it was a win/win.  We walked from one end of the planet to the other it seemed today.  We earned a nice sit down with a large pepperoni pizza before we headed home.

It had begun sunny and warm and then halfway through our journey the skies filled with dark clouds ~ replacing the welcome blue skies and the wind kicked in which dropped the temperature.  By the time we headed out of the pizza place the sky was even more ominous but there were areas which were brushed with beautiful ripples of pink.  Nice day tomorrow? We shall see!

I was registered for a workshop which I really wished I had attended but all of the walking flared my sciatic nerve and I just could not do it ~ besides my son dropped in for a visit and family time is always welcome ~ laughter is after all the best medicine.

I have been doing writing challenges on another writing site and it has been really fun and distracting to do them.  I have been resisting the urge to write a chapter in a group collaborative.  It is up to chapter 4 so far.  I am working on getting my imagination going ~ something which I feel needs some definite work!

I did however finally set down with my watercolors which have been patiently waiting for me for two days.  I threw my colors down and turned and looked and defined and outlined and I think it is actually something.  I will have to wait for the paint to dry and get my feedback.  See if anyone else sees what I see or if I am missing the picture so to speak.

It is funny ~ when I write or paint I do it on auto pilot and get better results than when I have a rigid plan.  In life however I have a somewhat rigid (loosely) routine and structure that I live by.  Not to say I am not flexible.  I am ready to go, do and participate with very short notice.

Anyway, it is good that I have the party to focus on as well.  Doing the breakdowns and the time table for the prep time ~ what I can do ahead of time and how much ahead of time and also planning on the set up of the hall and the little odds and ends which need to be done.  Which reminds me I need to call the birthday girl as the time gets nearer and see when we are going to do the other food prep together and any other details which may need to be done.

I love working with other organized people!  It is nice to be a part of such an important event!  I think I am as excited as she is about it.  I know she will be getting nervous very soon with less than two weeks for the event.

I have also been burying myself in video games.  Overkill trying to level two dragons up to 30 which takes massive quantities of food which you have to plant and harvest and collect gold to do so.  I acquired a few friends today for another game I play as well so it has been quite a shift in focus with still getting a bunch of stuff done.

The boredom is killing me though.  Like I do not have anything to do ~ NOT.  Lacking the drive and desire to do the things I have to do ~ IN BUCKETS!  I am not looking forward to this winter but for now I am thankful for the warm weather which came back for me to enjoy ~ not Indian Summer but not too cold (until after dark.)

That is my update.  I know I have not been doing my daily quota but sometimes I just don't have either time or words.  Hope you have a good one and thanks as always for reading.

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