Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Great news ~ we get to set up for the party on Friday night!  That is the one thing I was worried about in my timing factor!  I was so stoked when I got the call yesterday afternoon from the birthday girl!  Now I think I can, I think I can just make this work!

I am taking a moment to write this morning ~ although the morning is just about turning into afternoon.  I slept in a bit this morning, but it will be the last time this week I fear with everything I must accomplish over the next few days.  Timing will be everything!

Woke up with a dusting of snow covering the ground.  I am not sure how cold it is yet.  I am snug in my computer room enjoying the warmth and the quiet.  The first bit of snow I have seen thus far although I have heard rumors of snow sighting over the course of the past week or more which I chose to ignore!

I have been having a blast with the Glipho writing challenges and I got my name on the board with the Chapter of the book which I participated in.  I am posted as GClawdia which is who I am for the purposes of the blog and had to give some serious thought to using it or going with my "real name".

I decided that since I write under GClawdia that I may as well keep it going.  After all, that is how you all recognize me and it keeps me incognito (although you all know that I am linked to this Jennifer Gallant person on Google and Facebook)

Since GClawdia has been me since the inception of my use of the Internet back in '99 ~ and it is my journey through GClawdia's eyes and we are together in this ~ a kind of melting together and evolution of self and sharing of growth we are both "all in".  And GClawdia has a "platform" and Jennifer Gallant doesn't I am sticking with it!

Thomas will be bailing on me in a couple of days.  His brother got them each that new gaming system which comes out this week sometime and they have planned and waited for this for some time now.  I am going to be a video game widow (although not really ~ what do you call a Mom who loses her sons to something? ~ I can't think of it but I think you get the idea!)  Good timing however, with the food prep and the party.  I am looking so forward to it!

I have not even given a thought to Thanksgiving yet.  Not unusual for me to be a last minute planner.  I think we will have the usual suspects and the usual holiday fare.  Tom's Dad has threatened to bring a ham for me to cook as he doesn't eat Turkey so we may be having an amazing feast.

Like I said ~ not time to worry about that yet.  I have been doing Thanksgiving for a few years now (cough, cough).  It is funny ~ I have only had a problem with Thanksgiving once and that was when my family came over to my house ~ a couple of uncles and my Grampa  and it was like I had never cooked a holiday meal before!

That was long ago however ~ too many years.  I think my brother has inherited the family for the holidays.  My family for the holidays is always my boys and their Dads.  I do have to check and see if my eldest son is going to Connecticut or staying in the "Pitts"  or if I get to have Turkey day with he and his wife and my granddaughter.

I got lucky at Christmas last year and we all had a wonderful time, so that is one detail I need to check on soon!  I think I may have to get on the phone today and find out ~ put dibs in early if it will make a difference.  I have been missing my granddaughter and thinking about giving her a call but every time I think about it is either too early in the day and she is at school or too late at night and she is sleeping!

The phone is ringing now so I am going to shut this down until another time.  Have a great day!

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