Monday, November 18, 2013


Finally ~ a minute to write!  After such a full and productive weekend I have had to recover for the past couple of days physically and mentally shifting gears focusing on the next set of priorities and obligations.

I sailed through the production of making 150 Crab Rangoon's from the dough to rolling and cutting the wraps ~ making an amazingly creamy and luscious filling ~ keeping them fresh and moist until it was time to fry them up and deliver them to the party.

I think I give myself an A- as I had to cook them at home and keep them hot and deliver them ~ they would have been an A+ if I was able to cook them there as needed fresh and piping hot ~ well, slightly cooled as cream cheese and crab hot out of the oil is the ultimate definition of piping hot!

I can say that my dear friends party, while it was a lot of work prior to and throughout the afternoon and evening, was the best fun and most comfortable I have ever been in a large group of people!  That is saying a lot to me as I look over the years and the memories and the people whom have shaped me ~ this woman and her sisters, their spouses ~ their children.

It is difficult to express in words because it is a feeling that I don't have words for not being all that familiar with it.  All I can say is that the feeling is more beautiful than the most glorious sunrise or sunset over the most stunning surroundings in the world with the best seat in the house if you know what I mean.

Needless to say we all felt it the next day which thankfully was Sunday.  I felt it so much that I had the time to write but not the energy ~ I did nearly nothing and actually watched a couple of old black and white movies in a row moving as far as the kitchen to consume some leftover finger rolls and use the bathroom.  I felt like I had played a game of tackle football!

I decided early in the day Sunday that I was not going anywhere until my appointment Monday and had just enough supplies to make it through ~ lacking half & half for tea so I had to settle for low fat milk which I hate but I gladly suffered through in order not to leave the house.

Thomas was still at his brother's so he missed out on our Sunday night shows ~ since my neighbors were on noise patrol from 10 pm. til well past 2:30 a.m. I was awake and got to see everything.  I woke up pretty tired this morning.

I made a good call with not leaving the house, still sore and stiff from the weekend.  I really felt it when I walked to my doctor's appointment.  It was a beautiful and warm day especially for November.  I don't know what you call a warm period after Indian Summer but I like it and I hope it continues for us!

I picked up my supplies after my appointment and ran into a couple of friends along the way.  When I returned home I had to have a cup of tea with half and half.  I was still dragging and I had only had one cup of tea in the morning which is like having none at all for me.

I decided to have tea in bed and turned on the t.v. and watched an old movie about Lillian Roth who was a singer/alcoholic.  Very dramatic.  My son decided he was coming home ~ yeah ~ I was very happy at that as I had been missing waking up and finding him sleeping on my couch instead of his bed!

This day was turning out better already as it progressed!  He has good timing as I finished the finger rolls and was working on the meat platter next and really needed his appetite!  Did I say there was a ton and a half of food at this party?!!??

There was so much food it just arrived throughout the day!  I have been avoiding the whole cookies and cream cake which my friend also made me take ~ which my son just enjoyed a piece of and I may reward myself with a piece after I finish writing my blog.  Me- food = reward!

The crowd that was there did not even dent the food that was left over!!  One Galumpki  would have been a meal for me (and Marie "had a hard time making them that small") so I brought a couple home and have got to eat them tomorrow for lunch for sure!  I did try the Perogies and yum!

I really need to get into dough and will be making these and I want to do homemade pasta and ravioli's as well in the future ~ I will definitely have pictures and do a food blog for those!  I was so busy that I forgot to take any pictures of this latest food experience and I could kick myself!

So now I have to focus on the coming week which is pretty empty until Friday.   My friend who has been coming over for coffee is out of town on a job so it is really going to be quiet!  It was strange not to have company and conversation in the morning after I have finished my morning dailys!

My granddaughter is coming over for Friday night!!  I have to focus on how to occupy our time together. My friend thanked me with a bulb to grow for Christmas and I think we can do that together for sure.  I also think as she is a little artist and I also need to paint a watercolor for a gift and she seems to be my little muse ~ we could always fill some time with that as well.  It does require some more thought and not here and now!

So I do have a bit of cleaning and I guess the Halloween decorations also need to come down ~ maybe I will put up the lights as I take down the pumpkins in the dining room and get a jump on the Christmas theme ~ I am a fan of the colored lights and always have them in my living room anyway so ya never know!

I am beginning to babble and Thomas is getting loud with his friends on Vent so I am going to sign off and grab a piece of cake!

 (by the way the picture has nothing to do with anything in the blog ~ just a stand of birches on the mountain from the spring for your viewing pleasure)

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