Monday, November 4, 2013

Writing Challenge # 2

I thought I would share the writing challenge of the week with you.  It is fun finding these challenges and thinking of what to write.  That seems to be the challenge :) .  Thought I would share here as I share here there if that makes any sense.

Besides after the earlier venting reality mind f*^%$ (and I apologize for the swearing) I needed to cleanse my brain and change my focus.  Hope you enjoy the 150 word blip.

How Could I Forget?

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How could I forget how quickly it turns cold here in the Berkshires?  It seems like only yesterday I was enjoying the warm sunshine of Indian Summer.  Enjoying not only the sun but the warmth along with it .
What I would not give for the warm sun once again instead of being tricked into thinking it was warm ~ only to wish I had my hat and gloves and another layer of clothing on ~ the wind biting at my face and tearing through my layers of clothes.
If only I had been born somewhere where the weather suits my clothes!  (To rob some song by someone I can't remember at the moment!)  Somewhere the sun shines and means it with just a bit of rain to make the flowers grow!  I will forgo the rainbows and unicorns in place of the warm, warm sun.  That would be so ideal!

by GClawdia (note to self - check clock on glipho site)

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