Sunday, November 10, 2013


Sunday my world that means quality t.v. night with my son.  I am typing and eating at the same time to fit in everything before eight o'clock when our night begins.  Today has turned out better than expected with the Berkshire Museum posting an event earlier today which I had just enough time to shower and walk to.

It was pretty interesting.  Two local published writers shared their experiences and tips on publishing, self-publishing, platforms and the overall procedures for publishing your work.  Shameless self promotion is not a bad thing and in reality you need to have a strong platform before you publish your masterpiece.

I also had the opportunity to check out the new Artists at the Museum, after thinking I was going to walk up last night for the opening and kicking myself for not going once I saw the photos posted online!  We got out 5 minutes before the Museum closed so I ran upstairs and quickly checked them out!

How amazing the works are!  If you are in the area do go and check them out for yourself!  I wish I had more time to get some shots myself and look at them all longer!  I am thinking of getting a pass from the library to go to the Museum and look again this week!

When I began my blog over a year ago, it was a lark.  Something to do because I was bored and needed a new outlet.  When I was younger I did have a small dream of writing a book one day.  A lot of life occurred in the meantime ~ raising my children, adapting and readapting to all of the expected and unexpected changes and challenges which arose along the way.

The book and writing and creativity became a wispy memory and whenever I began my tale it would always start the same and I would get blocked in the same general area.  It just was not time.  I am not sure it is time yet, but I have been writing (almost) everyday.

The most surprising thing to me is that people actually read, comment and encourage me to write.  To me I just have not been able to grasp being a writer.  I am a person who writes.  On the other hand, when someone recently asked me if I might be interested in doing a guest blog I panicked on the inside and was not able to write for a couple of days at all ~ in other words ~ my old friend self doubt checked in and hung around for a bit.

I write about my journey through this world.  I try to keep it fun and light but sometimes "real life" is not fun and light.  I do not sell anything, but apparently the key to writing is platform and followers.  I do have some okay numbers for not even doing the work and trying and I love seeing which new countries are reading.

That gets me thinking about other cultures and the world and how big it is and how much more accessible it is nowadays right from the comforts of your own home!  Since my goal is someday to travel the world (once my major Mom obligations are fulfilled) that excites me.

So learning about this publishing/self publishing from people who have been there is interesting.  Good for future reference as I think I am getting close to starting that "great American Novel".  I cut my teeth the other day with the writing on Glipho in the collaborative.  Sadly, I learned about the November writing challenge of a Novel in a Month too late to jump on that boat ~ I am confident that soon I will be ready to accept such a challenge!

Six more days for the big Birthday Bash I am helping with and I am excited.  I got the timeline down and everything worked out in my head.  (One of the most important steps, I feel.)  I am confident and a bit excited truth be told.

I am excited to be making some food and helping with the setup.  I do hope however that we can set up Friday night instead the day of the event as I am not too sure how I am going to cook the Rangoon's at home if I am setting up at the venue since we cannot cook on the premises and I want my appetizers to be appetizing and as fresh as they can be!

Although this past week has been an adjustment for me after the bad Monday last week I am confident that I have also put that behind me as well.  Other than the fact that I am a woman who walks this road alone and now I have to do it with my faithful companion Fear ~ my son has gone out in the world with me the two times that I have been out in "enemy territory."

My time is nearly up and I have finished my dinner ~ some nice curried pork chops with green beans and baked potatoes ~ wishing I had something sweet to nibble on but knowing that I do not need it after all of the Halloween candy I was forced to consume!

Have a great week and hope to catch up with you all real soon!  

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