Thursday, November 7, 2013


Something weird is going on here today.  I woke early and decided yet again that it was too early and woke for the second time around 10:30 a.m.  Normally I would be chastising myself for sleeping in for how many days over the past few weeks ~ today I shrugged it off and went down to open the blinds and see what kind of day it was.

Not surprising it was rainy and gloomy.  I opened all of the blinds ~ including the living room which is dark and without some sort of light no matter the day.  I  made my tea and booted my computer and took fed dogs and fought dragons.

I checked my stats as always ~ two sites now.  I am trying to convince myself to write a chapter of a collaborative story on Glipho.  Talk about opening oneself up for failure.  I get paralyzed at the thought ~ yet do not give a thought to my blog and while I am writing and now I am suddenly self conscious?

Despite encouragement I have this fear.  Now the novel in a month I am really and truly thinking about.  I am needing to enhance my imagination and although it is a week into it I am considering it even more ~ along with the previous 7 writing challenges.

Must be something in the air, the water?  Not sure which ~ considering I do not drink too much water ~ it must be the air.  Today is prime example.  I walked into the kitchen to make a tea and instead reorganized the cabinet that stores the plastic containers and lids along with a bunch of other random things ~ relocating my never used cookie press thing my Dad gave me.

I went back into the kitchen to make my tea again and while it was heating up I mopped the bathroom floor and continued on with the kitchen while my tea was steeping.  I had to take a break 1/3 of the way through so I drank my tea and wasted some time on the computer.

When all was said and done I had finished the kitchen, the dining room and the computer room before 4:00 without missing a beat on the computer. I am never that ultra motivated.  I am kinda proud of myself.  I then spoiled myself with catching up on American Horror ~ what was on Demand already.

I then made a Shepherds Pie and if you can believe it have already finished my dishes and have basically nothing to do tomorrow when I come downstairs.  I think I made pretty good use of my rainy pajama day!  It will be pretty hard to procrastinate tomorrow with nothing to put off.  Perhaps it will be the self motivation I need in order to begin one of these major challenges ~ I think I will sleep on it ~ who knows maybe the answer will come to me while I sleep.

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