Friday, November 8, 2013


After reading Chapter 6 of the collaborative I hesitated and declined writing.  I watched t.v. for an hour and changed my mind.  I boldly claimed Chapter 7 as my own.

It was pretty easy to keep within the story ~ it wrote itself.  I was scared as I was writing ~ full of self doubt.  Sure I was making a big mistake which would make me a laughing stock.  I added the note at the bottom and hit publish ~ still shaking in my boots and walked away from the computer.

I went back a while later to check out the page views and prepared for the worse ~ not bad ~  a few views and comments from a previous Chapter writer full of encouragement.

A bit later I went back again ~ only to find myself as a "Trending Writer" on Glipho.  I am blown away!  Very encouraging to say the least!  I decided to share my Chapter and encourage you to go to Glipho and read the previous chapters for yourself ~ I will try to put the link in here so you can find it easily ~ who knows ~ you may have the next chapter in you!

Happy reading and possibly writing!

In my haste I of course forgot to add the chapter for you!  Silly me ~ but my son was screaming and the show was starting.  Shout out to Alexander for winning MasterChef Junior ~ got to own that trophy like he wanted!  Congrats!

Sorry for the exclusion and I hope you enjoy it!

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