Friday, November 15, 2013


I cannot say it enough ~ it has been so much fun helping with my friend's birthday party!  I just returned from the hall where we set up tables and organized everything for tomorrow that we could possibly do to make less work.

I  struggle not to be a burden without transportation and I could see I was going to be a pain in the butt as far as needing a ride ~ but I have hot appetizers to worry about and so I finagled a ride from my son or his Dad ~ won't know til tomorrow but someone from that house is going to come and deliver me and my hot crab Rangoon's!

I have been itching to begin cooking all week ~ knowing the shelf life of the won ton wraps isn't that long I began yesterday with the Crab Dip and that has been blending in my fridge all ready to go ~ just needs to be taken out a little early tomorrow to be stirred and boom ~ good to go.

I made my filling for my three batches of Rangoon's and a batch of dough so it could set for it's thirty minutes before going and doing my bi monthly blood work with my son in the afternoon.  When we returned home from that lovely adventure I chilled with him and watched an episode of Dracula while he waited for his brother to kidnap him for the next few days.

He finally left around 5:30 and I spent the next 2 and a half hours rolling won ton wraps almost thin enough to see the grey of my marble rolling board through them and then cutting each square.  I decided to fill them as I went along so I did not have to handle them twice.

Around 8:00 I took a break and watched "Once Upon A Time in Wonderland" while my marble rolling pin got recharged in the freezer and my filling re-firmed in the fridge.  I started back up a little after 9:00 and by 11:11 I was out of filling ~ which was a good thing because my squares were getting less square and oddly smaller.

I knew it was time to call it quits at that point.  I took a count and had 120 completed crab Rangoon's filled and ready to be cooked.  Being a virgin quantity Rangoon maker I took precautions by placing a slightly moistened paper towel over the top of the tray and covering it with plastic in hopes they didn't dry out.

Short by thirty I knew what I was doing in the morning ~ I began softening another block of cream cheese and made another batch of dough for wraps before heading out to pick up some much needed sugar before the day got too far ahead of me.

It was a beautiful day outside and the walk was nice.  I got a hug from a classmate from elementary school - who was double parked ~ before she had to run off to the rest of her day ~ I had to laugh when I saw her ~ my friend who was keeping me company had just made the comment about me running for mayor ~ after saying hello to the 20th person in 10 minutes which is very funny to my ears.

I began around 3:30 and had the final 30 Rangoon's wrapped in no time.  We were not decorating the hall until 6:00 and my friend checked in a little after 5:00 to make sure she was still picking me up and to alert me she may be a minute later cuz she had to pick up another helper.

I was ready ~ I had already had two of the finest cups of tea and a peanut butter sandwich before she called.  I don't know if the tea was so awesome because I finally earned it or what but it was noteworthy ~ so good indeed that a second was called for.

I was considering writing before I left ~ but I knew that I would not have enough time for all of that.  I have been dying to write for two days and not enough time to do so and then last night no energy after all of that work!

I am considering another Chapter in the Glipho book but I am waiting to see what someone else does with Chapter 11 ~ I don't know where to take Chapter 10 ~ unlike the Chapter I wrote which just wrote itself before I had even decided to participate ~ which was primarily why I wrote it!

I freed up my jitters now that I have a ride ~ I was concerned about the quality of the Rangoon's having them sit around too long before the guests arrive.  I hope I freed up my friends jitters as well by volunteering to do the finger sandwiches for her tomorrow while I am waiting to cook my appetizers.

For a patient person I get very impatient and one thing I have not learned is to control time!  I still have to figure out what I am going to wear to this wonderful event and I forgot to ask the other ladies what they are wearing so I am thinking a skirt and top ~ dressy but not too dressy.  I have a tendency to be either overdressed or under dressed ~ shooting for just right for the party.

I cannot wait to see my friends family!  I know her sisters and her children and some of her sisters children but have not seen anyone in 20 years or so since the kids have grown up.  I am sure I will not recognize any of them and they have kids as well!!  The beauty of getting older!!

I am so looking forward to eating all of this authentic Polish food as well!  This is going to be some feast! One thing I love is food!!!  Note to self ~ pick something to wear that stretches!  I am off so I have a casual morning of non stressful tying up of loose ends.

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