Monday, November 25, 2013


Monday ~ what a day it turned out to be!  I just got dinner in the oven ~ 20 minutes free to write and try to regroup.  I am having a day that seemed to be working out and then in a blink of an eye ~ wham ~ someone else turned their problem into my problem and when I couldn't jump through their hoop immediately they went into attack mode!

I walked in from my Monday afternoon standing appointment and then an hour waiting and picking up food for my Thanksgiving and waiting for a much needed ride ~ which I wasn't even sure about until a few hours before ~ so great ~ my problem was solved.

On the way home my phone rings and I am literally just about at the store when Tom's Dad phoned crying about how he wasn't walking the turkey (not a ham like he wanted) to my house and he couldn't fit it in his refrigerator so I had to come and get it RIGHT NOW!!

Forget that my ride had things to do and places to go which barely included my ride home and it was impossible for me to jump through that hoop right then and there.  I make it to my house and my phone is ringing with the grown man calling talking crap about my son who couldn't stop by his house for him.

Really ~ since when is your problem my problem?  Last week when my phone rang and he cried about how he couldn't walk to the store and carry a ham home, and now he got loot for the holiday and nowhere to put it and I have to figure out how to get it as well???  There is something wrong with this picture for sure.

It is the same three blocks for me in the cold, dark night and not my turkey ~ not my problem, only now that the idiot spent his ham money and is still coming for dinner ~ it is my problem because now I need that stupid turkey!

Mind you I have been gone for the previous three hours and was in no mood to listen to him as he put my son down when it isn't his problem either and he hangs up on me ~ calls back three times as well ~ which I really just ignored while he swore at my machine.

I made a cup of tea and rolled a couple of cigarettes and reduced my blood pressure and was almost there when the phone rings for the fourth time.  I am pissed now mind you, tired of dealing with his bullshit when he really is never around unless he needs something or what have you ~ a total Pittsfield syndrome or horror of horrors ~ that is just the way the world is now???  I am not sure!

So I answer ~ "Are you calm now" he asks me.  Calm ~ I want to rip off his head and shove it where the sun doesn't shine and kick him you know where ~ "Sure I am" I answer.  The sarcasm totally missed by him.  He starts checking off things I may need ~ "Do you use this ~ do you need that" ~ yes, no ~ yes.  How bout some butter ~ I ask him ~ knowing he probably finagled a couple of pounds from the nice lady at the church ~ "You're not getting my butter."  says he.

"Fine, good luck with your turkey." says I.  "I will give you a stick."  he says.  "Make it two or forget it."  Okay then ~ somewhat of a win.  I am still walking and still need to get up to his house.  My girlfriend volunteers to go with me.

We leave ~ it is dark.  I call before we arrive so we don't have to wait forever.  His phone is busy.  I get to his place and they ring him on the house phone as I am calling his cell phone ~ no answer ~ house phone still busy!!

Are you kidding me!  I was ready to kill him.  One of his neighbors tells us he was outside and down the street so we walked down North Street looking and calling him when he finally answers.  I was down in the laundry room ~ he says.

He tells us he is on his way down and we are in the lobby for another 10 minutes I kid you not!  By this time I am so mad and not even in the mood to help him out which is also helping me out.

Someone else had already offered to give me a bigger turkey just so I didn't have to deal with this crap and go and get it!  At this point I was thinking I wish I had done that instead ~ but I cannot abide by food going to waste and he would have let that thing go bad thawing out unrefrigerated.

So we bag up the loot ~ which weighed a ton and my g.f. and I lugged the food back down to my place ~ sharing the weight of the turkey between us in the backpack.  Do you know I even had to ask him for my butter?!!??

So now it is 9:00 at night.  I finally have dinner in the oven and halfway done ~ thank goodness because after all of this unexpected drama this afternoon and into the evening I am ready to eat and crawl into my bed.  I am resisting the urge  to cancel Turkey Day altogether but I do enjoy the holiday with my Sons and their Dads.  Tom's Dad might get a boot in the pants from me on Thanksgiving however!

Right now I would be thankful if I was on a cruise somewhere heading to a warm sandy beach but that isn't going to happen.  It is what it is and I am not going to let this ruin my holiday!  Food is ready ~ one step closer to my bed and my t.v. and another day to look forward to as I get ready for this holiday!

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