Saturday, August 8, 2015


Last night was the Woman's Work Art Show along with the College Club Art Show which came down from Berkshire Community College.  The Whit had a steady flow of people along with many of the Artists participating.

I got people settled in and made sure everything was okay with the display and took off to check out the rest of Art Walk along with my Dad and Alan.  I realize now that I should have done a driving Art Walk instead of forcing my Dad to walk!  It would have been much quicker and kinder on my poor feet!

I seriously wish we lived in a society where shoes are optional.  I wish I could be like my friend Autumn and just not wear shoes anywhere!!!  I hate shoes!  I think if we were meant to wear them we would have been born with them on our feet (not really but it sounds good to me at this moment!)

The Show went great and at 8:00 many of my Women Artist began rolling in who had to be at their open studios or other shows they were participating in.  It would have been great if the Director hadn't decided the night before to turn it into an After Art Walk Dance Party!

Once again loud music drove out any and every possibility of having a nice Arts Party and before long there were very few people there with 6 or 7 people willing to dance after being talked into it.  I can say I was not one of them.  There is a time and a place for everything and I was not down for loud techno music blaring in my ears.  I hid out in the Colt Gallery and chatted with a bunch of people before they FLED the scene.

I was about ready to take my Dad home and feed him dinner and meds when Pizza arrived so I made my Dad eat pizza even though he did not want to to make it easier on me.  I wasn't really up for cooking dinner at 9:30 at night.

We got home and we watched a couple of episodes of The 100 - I had taken the books out to check the written story to the series.  My Dad has read two out of three of them, the first two in one day each.  He is a reading machine lately!

I have seen the show already, along with Thomas.  My Dad had not so he read the story before watching and all he keeps saying is "That isn't in the book."  I have to find some time to read the books!

 I am currently reading Tom Robbins "Skinny Legs and All" if you haven't read any Tom Robbins I can recommend him highly.  Nothing I have ever read of his has left me disappointed and this story is very engaging.

I woke up early this morning in order to be awake before I arrived at the River Clean Up which I am volunteering for.  When Richard first left in May I began my "recovery" from the shock of the unexpected by becoming as busy as I could so I didn't have time to think about him, what happened and then more of what was happening.

I know with no more details that is a confusing sentence, and it was a confusing time for me living through it, since mental health issues are never easy - especially when they are someone else's.  Since it is only partially my experience and I don't talk about the intimate details of my life here, suffice it to say - it is what it is.

So I am getting ready to go to River Clean Up, writing this blog, drinking my tea and smoking my cigarettes.  I just remembered I had to fill my Dad's pill containers.  He cannot be trusted with it since he can't follow a basic list and put the right pills in the right slots for some silly reason which I think is just laziness.

That done, I am down to taking the shower, finding some appropriate River Clean up clothes to go with my old sneakers which are falling apart and I don't give two figs about.  It will be a rough day on my new manicure but I didn't expect it to stay intact for more than a day anyway - surprising myself by not having one nick, chip, or scratch yet!

Oh, to live a pampered life!!  Not in this lifetime I am sure, but it is a nice fantasy!  In a perfect life I am not sure if it would include such luxuries as mani's and pedi's and leisurely days of wasted time, laziness and self indulgence.  I just am not that kind of girl.

I am down to my last 25 minutes, half a tea and a final cig before I have to go.  The day looks fine and I am happy to have this time on the river with my thoughts, doing good for the environment and Nature.

See you on the flip side!

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