Wednesday, August 26, 2015


The hour is late, I swear, Thomas is an indirect bad influence, even though he is not twisting my arm as I sit at the computer while he plays and interacts with people all over the world in our computer room.

He was gone for a few days and not that I really had time to miss him, I do enjoy when he is around.  Besides if I choose the right protein for dinner he cooks me an amazing meal, half of it anyway, which is so much fun to watch him cut and chop and season and cook.  He says I am a Master Cook, but I think he has some serious skill and talent which he has yet to discover.

I know I will regret this tomorrow since it is Wednesday and garbage day - if I was smart I would be emptying out the refrigerator and putting the garbage out before I go to bed - but I have that thing about food and dogs and the street and the mess and cleaning it up.  I would rather just wake up.  Besides, I like seeing my garbage men.  They are really nice and friendly guys who nicely put my can behind my fence after they empty it.

I have been staying up late with Thomas, it is true.  Last night I did go to sleep, but I woke up with a desire to eat some of my Banana Split Ice Cream, which is unusual, since I never wake up in the middle of the night for a snack.

It might have just been the ice cream alarm in my head since Tom had decided to eat some of my ice cream despite it not being a flavour he likes, but he had eaten all of his weeks ago.  I know the pleasure of saving some for later - unlike him,

Regardless of what it was, once I was up and eating ice cream I had to go on the computer while I was eating it and then, since it tasted so good, I had to have more and then I remembered the Chocolate syrup and well, the rest they say, is history.

Then, although the hour was quickly approaching 4 a.m. we had to watch a quick episode of the Goldbergs since it was just a 20 minute show and it was new...  the simple pleasures in life - quality family time.

I have been learning the art of sleeping in as well.  Something I was well schooled in before I had children.  Now sleeping in means 9:00 or later.  I made it to 9 this morning and woke up somewhat fuzzy but not too bad.

And yet, here I am once again, into the next day sitting in this chair, instead of upstairs in my bed fast asleep.  I always have been a night owl.  I do some of my best work at night.  I am a great one for moving whole rooms and rearranging complete collections of dust collectors and wall art.

This day wasn't too shabby but life is about to go into overdrive with the Art Talk tomorrow night and 24 artists between the two shows to pick up their work and make way for September, which will only have three couples, so six various artists in all, but only three deliveries of work, each artist as diverse as their counter-part.

I am looking forward to laying out the September show which I am calling Partners In Art - there is a wedding at The Whit so I thought I would kill two birds with one stone with this theme, and in order to get a diverse array of Art so that the Bride and Groom can have their pick between some amazing Colored Pencil Drawings by Anne Roland in high contrast to her husband, Morris Bennett's Abstracts

To be sure Anne Pasko's Mixed Media Pieces will be a hit, with some amazing pieces, they blow me away!  Her husband Walter Pasko paints  beautiful Oil Landscapes of some local countryside in the Berkshires.  Looking through Walt's work during the studio visit took me on a wonderful journey.

Paul Hergenrother is showing some beautiful watercolors which make you feel like you are there. His partner Robert Martin paints some amazingly deep and peaceful seascapes in Oil which have got to be seen to be believed, you just fall right into them.

I, as usual have only a vague idea of the layout.  That comes to me as I go along.  Sometimes easily and sometimes it takes a couple of tries, but always I have been satisfied with the job well done and eager to see the response of the Art Patrons who attend the shows.  This show is no exception.

I am excited for the Women's Art Talk since I picked most of my very favourite women artists to be in the show, 12 of them anyway.  Of course it is impossible to expect twelve women to be free and willing to sit up in front of an audience and talk about Art, but I do have at least 4 and maybe one or two more in the audience who will speak if moved to do so.

Working with the College Club and Nancy McGill, was wonderful!  They so enjoyed the show and going around for First Fridays that they are thinking about making it a regular event!  It is so great when people are enthusiastic about Art and the local events in the Community!

I could write all night, but alas, my eyes are seeing double and I have no idea where my reading glasses have landed so it is time for this chick to say goodnight.  I do not want to look too bad tomorrow night.

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