Friday, August 21, 2015


Since I don't have time to write at the moment, I am sharing my final Glipho piece.  I miss Glipho so very much!!    hope you enjoy it!




Summer is coming, I thought to myself as I sat in front of the fire enjoying the warmth of the heat from the wood stove, the pop and crackle of the embers were comforting sounds, but it had been a long winter and I was eager for the warmth of the sun.

As I sat sipping tea I thought about the plans I had for the landscaping.  I was eager to clear the land across the river and make a beautiful garden in memory of my good friend who had passed too soon, where the sun shone a good part of the day.

I thought about sitting sipping my morning tea on my root seat by the river, where I enjoyed the sun glistening off the river while the sounds of the cars on the highway seemed so far away in my tranquil sanctuary of my home by the river.</p></co

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