Monday, August 31, 2015


A blank space in my heart where once you were a part
Fills my brain with pain and confusion whenever I think of the illusion
Hard for me to tell how I fell under the spell of believing, never for a moment aware that you were deceiving

It took a while to walk it off, get over the shock I can't explain to my heart why I allowed it to be ripped apart
Stepping out of my comfort zone, where previously I lived quite happily alone
Mind blown!

I filled my life with endless activity
to enable myself to live in peace and not let anger consume me
It was quite a deed until I could break free of  "you and me as WE"

I walked through the same doors with a different view
Where I will land I have no clue
We all do what we have to do


  1. There are very few times I can think of when something I read gives me the chills. This is one of those times. Awesome job.

    1. Coming from you that is HUGE! (YOU are a tough cookie to please)! Thanks for commenting!