Friday, August 14, 2015


It's Friday, a day of transition in our house.  Dad has been here for a month and is preparing to adapt to life at his home.  I think he thinks that once I bring him home he will be on his own, abandoned. When he said "good night" last night to Thomas and I it was really sad, like it was his last day on Earth.

Waking up this morning, I peeked into Thomas's room and saw two of Dad's boxes were not in there, and as I hobbled down the stairs I saw they were stacked in the kitchen waiting to go.  Of course my first instinct is to yell at him for carrying them downstairs himself, since he isn't supposed to carry heavy things, but I resisted, the day is going to be difficult enough for him.

He was supposed to go to the Food Pantry with his friend, instead I found him napping on the couch with is hat on listening to the t.v.  I was surprised he was here but his friend had to work so he couldn't go.  My first thought when I woke up was that I forgot to give him his keys so he could bring the food to his house,

Of course this morning I woke up with my entire left side so inflamed,swollen and stiff from my neck to my big toe, wondering why since I have had a pretty low key week physically.  I am learning there is no rhyme or reason.  I am so looking forward to my September appointment with my Neurologist!

I took two of Richard's adult aspirin he so carelessly (graciously) left when he departed so suddenly.  I do not like meds but I am supposed to lug empties from my Dad's friends second floor down to the car and return them this morning.  I am wondering how that is going to work since I can't even bend my left leg!

As I type my foot and hand keeps going numb.  The numbness is better than the pain I guess.  Not really they both really suck!  On the bright side (is there a bright side)  I found the multi delete button on my camera while I was sitting there thinking about how long it would take to delete 120 pictures one by one - 240 clicks I don't really have time or patience to do this morning.

I am low on tea, having one tea bag to wake me up and the tobacco is dangerously low as well, which means I need to motivate and get this party started.  Thomas has promised to wake up at noon to start the farewell celebrations as we look forward to our road trip to Vermont (for the last time in Dad's brain).

I don't know what it is about my home and family that make people not want to leave once they enter our domain.  It is a freaky phenomenon.  Listening to my Dad drop little guilt trips all day yesterday and last night, which Thomas rubbed in trying to get to my cold, heart - (not really cold) trying to make me feel like I should let my Dad stay longer, knowing that it is not good for any of us.

My Dad was doing 500 times better in the Nursing Home attitude and ability wise. Not that he isn't doing good, it is funny (and not in a haha way) to watch someone and listen to someone who pretends that they are worse off than they are, or who acts like they are going to die if you don't take care of them.

If I have learned one thing over the past year it is to recognize the signs.  I learned a hard lesson thanks to Richard, which makes it easier to enforce the deadline of a month that my Dad put on his stay.  Trust me, if I didn't think my Dad was ready to be on his own I would suck it up and make him stay, but he needs to get back on his feet and get his head back in the game.

So the game plan is a reverse ride back to KFC starting from the end of the last "mystery ride" we are leaving in the early afternoon so we can get some good light for photos, my camera is empty and the battery is charging as I was instructed by Tom to be sure to do.

Dad has his camera as well so we are armed and loaded for bear as the saying might go, or might not go, but it is what it is.  We will make it one way or another to KFC either by the route of rights (which will be lefts in reverse) or if we fail, but the grace of god and good internal gps.

I have had a whole week of doing nothing Art related except for yesterday when I met one of the Artists for some picture taking of the show, and some conversation about art walk and scheduling in general.

Today I have to mail her back a copy of her contract as well which will be tricky since I don't own any envelopes as they are a definite luxury and my Dad already brought his home, as it is I am hoping I have enough ink to get a good copy to send her otherwise it is 4 ink cartridges I have now invested in the Whit between February and now and I have no fundages to replace it.

September is going to be upon us before I know it.  I have picked out the Art and have paperwork and  scheduling of drop off.  Ghazi and I talked after dinner and he is talking about doing the Pot luck dinner combined with this months Art Talk since we have 12 women in the show (stereotypical???) so it seems that I have something else to plan out over the next two weeks, no problem right?  I have time right?  I have nothing better to do anyway!  (Sarcasm - just in case you didn't get it!)

I refuse to voluntarily kill myself in the name of volunteering.  In reality, pulling off a potluck dinner within two weeks is a little daunting.  After the attendance at the last Art Talk I am not too sure what to expect.  I guess with the right promotion it could work.

September may just be my last show for a while depending on the news since I MUST consider myself and my health instead of ignoring how I feel.  I do not want to end up unable to do anything in life since we all know the caregiver rarely has people to care for them.  Selfish or Self Care?  Some will call me selfish, but most will understand.
One good thing is the October show is not going to be mine, so I can deal with whatever news I get from the Doctor and plan what I am going to do about my teeth between now and then.  I feel better knowing that there is a plan and I am not involved.

It has been a fun experience learning the art of Curating Art Shows and I have had a blast doing it. Found a place I actually fit in this puzzle of life, and believe me to find something I might like to do when I "grow" up (after 48 years on the planet) is very gratifying.  To find ones passion is a must for everyone!

Getting my house back is another thing I am looking forward to as well!  Having a sleepover with my grand daughter is top on my list as well and I got to touch bases with her, she has plans all weekend, at least school is still out so we will be sure to do a weeknight this week.

Much to do over the next couple of weeks.  Now if I can just mange this day I will be okay!  Here's to hoping my body will cooperate with my to do list today!

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