Friday, August 28, 2015


I made it through the night of full moon restlessness last night with a rambled post about just about everything under the sun!  When I went to bed I was happy to find an old movie, "The Bishops Wife" with Carey Grant on t.v.  which I listened to as I made it a third of the way exactly through the second book in Kass Morgan's series The 100, which the t.v. shows follows by a thread, but that is creative licensing I guess!  I am enjoying the books as much as what I have seen of the series.

I guess part of my nervous restlessness is worry about my Dad.  He is, as you know, back home after his hospital stint with his fractured pelvis and a month at my house.  I had to send him home since his month was up and he was getting a bit shall I say lazy, so I was worried about enabling his lack of recovery.

He has been home for a couple of weeks now and today he is thinking he is well enough to participate in an 18 hole golf tournament.  I think he is crazy, but he promises that he will stop if he can't do it.  He wont.  I know him.

I had to give him some tough love and tell him that if he gets hurt he is on his own on the second round of recovery.  Of course I spoke to him like I was his parent, I get that from my sons I guess, as I have been getting used to being "parented by them" as they get older and I am just me.

I slept pretty poorly and woke up tired and even after two teas and a bunch of nicotene I am still lagging.  I am hoping to be awake by the time I meet the Bennett/Roland couple when they deliver their art for the upcoming show at the Whit.

That isn't until 1:00 so I think (hope) I will be awake by then.  My stomach is doing weird flip flops today and I still have a bunch of unaccounted for anxiety.  I think I like it better when I can identify the source of the anxiety, but you can't win them all!

My new friend had invited me to the big Horse Race at Saratoga on Saturday, but plans are changing since the tickets are sold out and when I finally woke up I had a lovely text about the possibilities for Saturday between Lake George and The Columbia County Fair.

Two very different events and each very appealing in their own way.  I have been to neither places in a few lifetimes so I am not sure which way my vote will go.  Time will tell, and there is one more day to decide.  The only certain thing is which vehicle we are going to take and the Vette wins out.  It really is a cool car and I am not really a car chick,

It looks like a good day outside and I have a few things to do around the house before my appointment with two of my favourite artists.  I know, I say that about every artist, I can't help it if I love and appreciate art and artists!  But Morris was my Studio Art teacher in High School and his wife is an awesome lady as well who does some seriously lovely colored pencil drawings.

It is really different interacting with someone who taught you in School.  I am finally getting over calling him Mr. Bennett and using Morris since we are both adults and out of school.  It was difficult to do so with my old property manager Ned, who was also a teacher in my High School, although I didn't have him as a teacher.  It is a respect thing for me and a little respect goes a long way!

Barrington Stage Company has offered two free tickets to Volunteers for this Sunday to go see His Girl Friday.  I am stoked since I was unable to physically sit through the play when I volunteered.  I am going armed with meds this time so at the first sign of trouble I can manage the spasms and pain that plagued me that night.  I am taking my Dad, unless he is unable to move on Sunday.

All in all it looks like a great weekend of events and good company.  Never a dull moment around here!  Tom is bringing his friend Jon back home and Taylor might join them for the Diablo release party which will be taking place in my home.  I hope they do come and stay for a couple of days.  I think we could all use the visit.  I miss my sons friends and having some of my extra "sons" around!

Thomas has already thought ahead and taken out some food so he can show off his cooking skills.  I am enjoying seeing Tom regain some of his balance and footing in the world.  It has been a long process and these things are all good things.

Time is running out for me and my appointment as I look at the clock, I need to bail into the shower so I am on time!  Have a great day!

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